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Application Notes by Phenomenex

How Unicorns Improve Chromatography

| Contributed by Phenomenex

A topic that’s currently on everyone’s minds.

UHPLC Column Protection Dramatically Extends UHPLC Column Performance and Lifetime

| Contributed by Phenomenex

UHPLC columns can significantly improve chromatographic separations, but they also present unique challenges. Once the system components are optimized, perhaps your greatest concern is protecting the column from the damaging effects of microparticulates and sample contaminants.

LC/MS/MS Analysis of Immunosuppressants from Whole Blood

| Contributed by Phenomenex

LC/MS/MS analysis of immunosuppressants from whole blood often involves complex and/or expensive cleanup methods.

Analyzing Pharmaceutical Tablet and Capsule Excipients by Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) using Phenogel™ Columns

| Contributed by Phenomenex

Several classes of excipients such as binders, coatings, and suspending agents were run on individual fixed pore size or mixed bed GPC columns to show how certain tablets and capsules compare with standards.

A Rapid Screening Method for Analysis of Multi-Class Antibiotics from Ground Meat (sausage) using QuEChERS and LC/MS/MS

| Contributed by Phenomenex

A rapid and sensitive multi-class screening method for the detection of multiple classes of antibiotics in ground meat samples at maximum residue limit levels defined by Commission Regulation (EU) No 37/2010, using LCMSMS and QuEChERS.

A Fast and Effective Approach to Analyzing Hormones in Drinking Water Using SPE and LC/MS/MS

| Contributed by Phenomenex

An optimized steroid hormone analysis from drinking water by LC/MS/MS, reducing analysis time from 50 minutes down to 15 minutes while maintain excellent linearity (0.99 R2 value or greater for each compound) and low minimum reporting level (MRLs)

Fast, Accurate Analysis of Polybrominated Diphenyl Esters (PBDEs) In A Single Run, Including BDE-209

| Contributed by Phenomenex

A new HRGC–HRMS method and technology provides quantitation of toxic PBDE congeners with short run times and includes the quantitation of BDE-209 in a single analytical run.

The Four Best Ways to Extend GC Column Lifetime

| Contributed by Phenomenex

Non-volatiles and high molecular weight compounds can contaminate your GC column, causing performance degradation and poor column lifetime.

Leveraging Ultra-High Efficiency Kinetex® Core-Shell 5 μm Technology for Lab-Scale

| Contributed by Phenomenex

Kinetex 5 μm is the first and only core-shell media available for lab-scale preparative purification.

Analyzing Testosterone in Human Serum

| Contributed by Phenomenex

Testosterone is an androgenic steroid responsible for the development of male reproductive organs, maintaining (or increasing) muscle mass, and bone density.

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