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As an early career chemical scientist, Nessa Carson has found a fondness for industry delivering high throughput chemistry at Syngenta.



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06/10/2021 | Matt Hallam
Complete our short survey for the chance to appear in our 100th issue this October!
More Secrets of the Mary Rose
06/03/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Multi-isotope analysis of teeth hints at a multicultural crew on Britain's infamous Tudor vessel
Sample Preparation in Multidimensional Analysis
06/04/2021 | Giorgia Purcaro
Sample preparation provides an opportunity to simplify and empower analytical research - we should capitalize on that opportunity!
Putting MS to the (COVID-19) Test
05/13/2021 | Lauren Robertson, Perdita Barran, Jennifer Van Eyk, Maarten Dhaenens
Can MS hold its own as a diagnostic tool in the fight against a pandemic?
The Fast GC Technology Forum

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Application Notes
HRAM LC-MS method for the determination of nitrosamine impurities in drugs

Demonstrating fast, highly sensitive quantitation of nine nitrosamines using HRAM LC-MS method to measure nitrosamine impurities in commercially available ranitidine drug substances and products. Read more

Drug Screening in Urine/Plasma with Micro-Prep® HLB Plate & LC-MS/MS Analysis.

Extraction method for abused drugs from urine/plasma using UCT’s Micro-Prep® HLB microelution plate is described. The plate consists of a highly retentive uncharged hydrophilic and lipophilic sorbent. Read more

Analyzing Polymer Solutions Used in Inkjet Printing Using GPC/SEC

Inkjet printing of polymer solutions is an area of interest for depositing precise, high-throughput patterns of functional polymer. The applications of the polymer patterns include OLEDs, organic circuits, and textiles. Read more

Multi-Detector GPC/SEC Analysis of Polysaccharides

Polysaccharides have been used in applications ranging from paper and cotton manufacturing, to bioprinting and bioengineering, to pharmaceuticals, gelling agents in food, and other consumer products. Read more

Product Profiles
Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap Exploris™ 120 MS the new standard for productivity

The Orbitrap Exploris 120 MS is designed for operational simplicity, productivity and ruggedness for analyzing environmental, food safety, forensic, and clinical research samples with ease. Learn more

We love to speed things up.

We accelerate science together. Productive pipetting from 1 to 384 channels. Find out more

Interferometry in the palm of your hand

The Fourier transform infrared spectrometer (FTIR) engine is compact enough to carry in just one hand. It will assist in creating portable handheld FTIR spectrophotometers for analytical applications. Learn more

Special Promotions
Celebrating our most innovative applications across environmental samples

Discover how Agilent’s technologies and workflows are used by to provide cutting-edge environmental testing solutions for a wide range of regulated and emerging compounds. Learn more

Bruker’s eXceed Symposia on Expanding the Horizons of 4D-Metabolomics

Confidence, sensitivity and flexibility; three factors necessary to ensure success within the burgeoning metabolomics field. Hear from leading scientists how they are advancing the field by employing 4D-Metabolomics. Learn more

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