On June 27, 2021, Harold McNair – a titan of gas chromatography – passed away. Harold was a great communicator, mentor, and teacher; and we spoke with seven of his past students, colleagues and friends to find out what lessons we can all learn from “Doc”. Elsewhere, Meriem Gaida argues that, rather than rushing to the finishing post, researchers should focus on the “four Cs” of data quality: consistency, correctness, completeness, and credibility; and find out how a new approach to radiocarbon dating has helped elucidate the age of Africa’s “tree of life”. 

James Strachan, Editor

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Lessons We’ve Learned from Harold McNair (1933–2021)
11/29/2021 | James Strachan
Past students, colleagues and friends distil the essential lessons they’ve learned – from teaching, to networking, to life itself – from Harold McNair
Musings from the Power List: Bob Pirok
11/30/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Bob unveils the biggest challenge facing the field, his mentors, and some of his “strong opinions”…
No Prize for Second Place?
12/01/2021 | Meriem Gaida
We should all focus on data quality by sticking to the four Cs: consistency, correctness, completeness, and credibility
Dating the Big Tree
12/02/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Accelerator MS used to radiocarbon date the historic Big Tree at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
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A Novel Extraction for Synthetic Cannabinoids in Human Whole Blood Using SLE

A novel high-pressure liquid chromatography/triple quad mass spectrometry method that enables the efficient and accurate identification of 12 synthetic cannabinoids in whole blood by LC-MS/MS. Read more...

PFAS analysis in air using cryogen-free thermal desorption and GC–MS

The sampling and analysis of a challenging range of trace-level volatile and semi-volatile vapours of per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS) in air using TD–GC–MS. Read more...

Hard seltzer analysis using high-capacity sorptive extraction with GC

Evaluation of new high-capacity sorptive extraction phases (HiSorb™) for flavour profiling, and identification of potential quality markers, of hard seltzers. Read more...

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Turn to Fast GC & Hydrogen Carrier Gas with Confidence

LECO's Pegasus® BT GC-TOF-MS has a uniquely open designed StayClean® ion source which never needs cleaning, speed up your analyses using hydrogen, without sacrificing the sensitivity & spectral quality. Read more...

Inspired versatility and reliability: the next era of SFC

Shimadzu’s Nexera UC supercritical fluid chromatography system is available in multiple configurations for customer- and application-specific solutions in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Learn more...

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How much longer will helium reserves last? Do gas chromatography users need think about changing their carrier gas now? This article discusses the current and future options for helium supply. Learn more...

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