In the Clear
07/31/2019 | Guus Verhaar
Ion chromatography can predict invisible deterioration of glass objects.
Lacquer of Interest
07/28/2019 | Jonas Veenhoven
Using GC-MS to investigate degradation of Asian Lacquer.
From the Deep
07/31/2019 | Ineke Joosten
Precious metals from the 17th century shipwreck yield their secrets to XRF and SEM.
Paint it Back
07/28/2019 | Alina Astefanei
From colors to proteins: modern technologies and ambient MS for cultural heritage objects.
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Application Notes
How to Obtain Enzyme Kinetic Constants Using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

The principals of enzyme kinetics and details experimental design and analysis of enzyme kinetics with ITC and case studies discussion. Read More.

Particle Size Analysis Used for the Characterization of Battery Materials

The particle size distributions of the electrode materials in batteries are critical in determining the performance of a battery. Read More.

Product Profile
COSMOS MF.H2: The Most Advanced Hydrogen Gas Generator for GC/GC-MS

The COSMOS MF.H2 Generator is designed for GC-carrier gas and detectors requiring Hydrogen fuel gas, such as FID, FPD, NPD and TCD. Learn more.

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