The Coming of Age of 2D-LC
07/03/2019 | Peter Schoenmakers, Bob Pirok, Koen Sandra, André de Villiers
Multidimensional LC is stepping into the spotlight - but how will it fare? Four experts share their verdicts.
The Coming of Age of Peter Schoenmakers
07/04/2019 | Bob Pirok
Peter Schoenmakers recently received the prestigious Dal Nogare Award at Pittcon and will mark his 65th birthday at HPLC 2019 in Milan.
Change on the Horizon
07/04/2019 | Monika Dittmann, Stephan Buckenmaier
2D-LC is gaining popularity as an important platform in many industries because of increasingly stringent analytical demands.
A Turning Tide
07/03/2019 | Isabelle François
2D-LC-MS brings important benefits to the fields of pharma, biopharma, omics, and natural product analysis.
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Application Note
LC-MS/MS Analysis of Sphingophospholipids Using Metal-Free Columns

LC analyses of sphingophospholipids often show peak tailing and loss of sensitivity and reproducibility. An improved method using YMC-Triart metal-free columns is presented in this app note. Read More.

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Kromasil Columns by Nouryon

Kromasil columns and bulk material for NP, RP, chiral and SFC. Kromasil’s unique offering from analytical to large scale purification makes it the brand of choice for pharma and biotech applications. Read More.

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