We’re kicking off this week’s newsletter with a conversation about ethics in clinical proteomics from Matthias Mann and colleagues. Also featured: quick chats with more members of our lovely editorial advisory board. Enjoy! As an aside, we’ve got big plans for the year ahead, but we always welcome submissions. If you have any news or exciting research you’d like to share with our audience, please do get in touch! My inbox is always open.


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Ethical Considerations in Clinical Proteomics
02/15/2021 | Sebastian Porsdam Mann, Philipp Geyer, Peter Treit, Matthias Mann
Kickstarting important conversations about ethics in a thriving field
Peter Schoenmakers: Meet the Editorial Advisory Board
Peter discusses his life in liquid chromatography and a turbulent 2020
Jenny Van Eyk: Meet the Editorial Advisory Board
Jenny updates us on her quest for personalized medicine
Chris Harrison: Meet the Editorial Advisory Board
Chris tells us about his unique approach to teaching and what keeps him up at night
Application Notes
Analysis of plasmid topoisomers in 5 minutes

Discover an HPLC method to analyze the plasmid DNA topoisomers (supercoiled, open circular, linear). It employs the TSKgel DNA-NPR anion exchange column to achieve high resolution and rapid analysis. Read more

Monitoring and Controlling the Electrode Particle Characteristics and Viscosity of Battery Slurries

The impact of electrode particle size and shape on battery slurry viscosity. Read more

Nanobubble Applications and Characterization Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Review of ultra-fine bubble (nanobubble) applications and characterization examples. Read more

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WinGPC UniChrom Marcomolecular Chromatography Data System

WinGPC UniChrom offers unparalleled functionality for GPC/SEC, IPC, and 2D Chromatography. Software modules and Compliance Pack guarantee that WinGPC always does the right job and does the job right. Read more

MALDImini-1: Entering the digital age in MS

The first-of-its-kind MALDImini-1 digital ion trap mass spectrometer targets comprehensive structural analyses applications. It is the only device capable of MALDI-MSn on the compact footprint of an A3-sized paper. Read more

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eBook: The Future of Pesticides Analysis

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