Swapping Optical Benches for Boardrooms
05/13/2020 | Scott Rudder
Scott Rudder, co-founder of Innovative Photonic Solutions, offers his advice about transitioning from research spectroscopy into the business world
Image of the Month: X-Ray Vision
05/25/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Using an X-ray-sensitive lanthanide-binding tag (LBT), scientists have demonstrated a new technique for imaging proteins in 3D at nanoscale resolution
On the Origin of Color
05/06/2020 | Lauren Robertson
The 170-year-old mystery behind the first color photographs has been solved
A Blood Test for Fibromyalgia
05/05/2020 | Michael Schubert
Fibromyalgia’s “metabolic fingerprint” may lead the way to definitive diagnosis
High-throughput and data-independent analysis

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Application Notes
Trace-level GC–MS analysis of VOCs in foods and beverages

Enhancing the sensitivity of headspace analysis using large volume preconcentration has been shown to be particularly useful for the analysis of trace-level volatile organic aroma & flavour compounds. Read more

Enhancing sensitivity for headspace and headspace-SPME analysis

This short review discusses how sorbent-packed focusing traps can be used to enhance sensitivity for headspace and headspace-SPME sampling of trace-level VOCs and SVOCs, thus allowing more (and better-quality) information to be obtained from every sample. Read more

Gene Therapy Research Characterization Using DLS and Zeta Potential

Zeta potential measurements are being used to develop the most efficient formulations of liposomes, peptides, DNA complexes for transfection studies in vivo and in vitro. Read More.

Using the Power Law Model to Quantify Shear Thinning Behavior on a Rotational Rheometer

A material’s rheological properties not only influences its visual and textural perception, but also affects its processing capabilities. Read More.

Product Profiles
Robust lasers for Raman by Cobolt

Cobolt, a part of HÜBNER Photonics, now offers the widest selection of lasers for Raman spectroscopy all with the same footprint. Run your system or experiment knowing the laser is dependable. Read more

Science Simplified: The Massbox Mass Spectrometer for Solid Sample Analysis

Exum’s Massbox provides quantitative elemental composition of any solid sample. Compared to other analytical techniques, its innovative technology delivers superior results in only a few minutes. Read more

New Automated Raman Imaging Microscope with AutoBeam™ Technology.

With the new alpha300 apyron WITec takes 3D Raman imaging automation to the next level and makes advanced chemical imaging accessible to researchers of all experience levels and fields of application. Read more

Industry-standard-size sampling tubes

Industry-standard-size tubes (3½″ × ¼″ o.d.) are compatible with Markes, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Dani, CDS and Gerstel 3.5+ thermal desorption (TD) systems. Read More.

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