The Infrared Invasion in Our Hospitals
11/06/2019 | Matthew Baker
Matt Baker discusses the rise of clinical spectroscopy and its role in the fight against brain cancer
Amber Alert: The Iberian Imitation Game
06/19/2019 | Matthew Hallam
Amber was an important status symbol in prehistoric Iberia, but perhaps not a foolproof one
Into the Deep with Submersible NIRS
07/25/2019 | Matthew Hallam
Seals are adept ocean divers – near-infrared spectroscopy provides clues as to how they survive extreme depths
Explosive Experimentation
10/08/2019 | Jonathan James
A holistic view of fireballs: infrared spectroscopy facilitates the acquisition of continuous chemical data from explosions
Application Notes
A scalable TD–GC–MS approach for the discovery of breath biomarkers of malaria

This application note shows how researchers are using thermal desorption with gas chromatography–mass spectrometry to measure volatile organic biomarkers in the breath of individuals with malaria. Read More.

Using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry for Biophysical Characterization of Chromatin-Binding Proteins

Epigenetic regulation of genomic DNA for gene expression is important in cellular differentiation and the development of an organism. Read More.

GPC/SEC Analysis of Polymer Branching

In this application note, four PVC samples of known differences in glossiness were measured with both multi-detector GPC and rotational rheometry. Read More.

Product Profile
ParticleScout: Find, Classify and Identify Microparticles with Raman Microscopy

WITec’s ParticleScout is an analytical tool for the alpha300 Raman microscope series that finds, classifies and identifies microparticles using automated routines before generating a detailed report. Read More.

Special Promotions
HAMAMATSU Photonic's Live lab @ Analytica 2020

Watch live demonstrations at our booth and test your samples in our equipment. Here you can follow workflows and see the interactions between the products and systems in their application. More Information.

Robust 785 nm lasers for Raman by Cobolt

HÜBNER Photonics introduces the Cobolt 08-NLDM 785 nm, with enhanced spectral purity. HÜBNER Photonics now offers the widest selection of Cobolt lasers for Raman spectroscopy. Read More.

The Guide to Improved Efficiency

The Analytical Scientist and Agilent Technologies present an exciting project: The Guide to Improved Efficiency – to help maximize the output of your laboratory. Read More.

The Cannabis Scientist Power List 2020 is here!

The Cannabis Scientist’s Power List for 2020 is HERE, celebrating the most influential figures in cannabis R&D and cannabis analysis. View the 2020 Power List

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