Our cover feature leads this week’s newsletter! Within, we explore the interplay between analytical advances and our use of animal models. Alongside, we’ve also included a quick infographic of some of science’s most famous animals, as well as an opinion piece on discrete analyzers in beverage analysis and the role of our field in the plastic industry.


Next month we’re focusing on clinical analysis - June will focus on food. Want to contribute? Get in touch! Matthew, Editor

Of Mice and Monkeys
04/12/2021 | Matthew Hallam
How advanced analytical approaches are helping us reduce our reliance on animal research
The Famous Animals of Science
04/13/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Celebrating animals' contributions to the wonderful world of science
Beverage Analysis: Just Press Go?
04/08/2021 | Hari Narayanan
Could discrete analyzers help us to overcome common pain points in beverage analysis?
One Word: Plastics
04/09/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Four experts reflect on the current state of polymer research and answer the immortalized question: is there a great future in plastics?
Application Notes
Correlate mAb function and structure – easy with FcR affinity chromatography

The affinity of mAbs to Fc receptors is directly linked to immune response and mAb function. Read how the TSKgel FcR-IIIA column enables to correlate FcR affinity with glycosylation and ADCC activity. Read more

Separation of the ADC Brentuximab vedotin from its aggregates and fragments

If fragmentation and aggregation of ADCs have to be monitored, SEC is the mode of choice. Using a YMC-SEC MAB column it is possible to separate the ADC from its aggregates and fragments in one run. Read more

Analyzing Particle Size of Calcium Carbonates using Laser Diffraction

Laser diffraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of calcium carbonated due to its wide dynamic range, flexible dispersion options, speed of measurement and reproducibility of results. Read more

Using Isothermal Titration Calorimetry for Biophysical Characterization of Chromatin-Binding Proteins

Epigenetic regulation of genomic DNA for gene expression is important in cellular differentiation and the development of an organism. Read more

Product Profiles
Separate a Wide Variety of Polar Analytes with New Raptor Polar X Columns

Development of a novel column that is specifically designed for the analysis of a broad range of polar compounds allows scientists to avoid problems by taking advantage of the true power of chromatography. Learn more

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