The Metabolomics Maestro
06/08/2019 | Matthew Hallam
We sit down with Richard Yost to discuss all things mass spectrometry, from the laboratory to the conference hall and beyond.
Upward Mobility
06/06/2019 | Frank van Geel
Ion mobility pioneer David Clemmer tells us how he went from studying music to answering the big questions in science.
Expect the Unexpected
05/30/2019 | Yong Guo
Scientific careers are inherently unpredictable, but there are a number of steps we can take to be prepared.
Here Comes the Sun
06/10/2019 | Matthew Hallam
Characterization of algal light-harvesting protein complexes could help improve solar energy systems.
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LC Users: Meet the Self-Aware Mass Spec

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Application Notes
Simultaneous Analysis of Etizolam, Triazolam, and Their Metabolites in Biospecimens Using LCMS-9030
06/10/2019 | Contributed by Shimadzu
Etizolam and Triazolam are psychotropic drugs in the benzodiazepine class, which are used for a wide range of purposes.
Using the Power Law Model to Quantify Shear Thinning Behavior on a Rotational Rheometer
05/23/2018 | Contributed by Malvern Panalytical
A material’s rheological properties not only influences its visual and textural perception, but also affects its processing capabilities.
Better DLS data with less time and effort with adaptive correlation
07/26/2018 | Contributed by Malvern Panalytical
What is Adaptive Correlation?
The GC-VUV Toolkit
07/13/2018 | Contributed by VUV Analytics
Solutions Guide for Common GC Headaches
On the Accurate Understanding of Mass Measurement Accuracy in Q-TOF MS

This educational information package offers a comprehensive overview of Q-TOF fundamentals using easy terms and illustrative data, helping you attain sub-ppm mass measurement accuracy in everyday analyses. Read More.

Product Profile
Biocompatible YMC-Triart Column Hardware

This PEEK-lined (U)HPLC hardware is suitable for coordinating compounds e.g. (oligo)nucleotides with excellent peak shapes and no carry-over effects. It is also applicable for sensitive LC/MS-analysis. Read More.

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