The Spectroscopist is back - and this month we’ve got a couple of quick reads to pique your interest! First up, our Image of the Month explores how multispectral imaging is aiding the conservation of artworks in tropical climates, and we look at a new optical technique that is helping researchers analyze the nanoscale nature of nacre (mother of pearl). You can also check out our piece on amber paleopharmaceuticals, and discover how lipid residue analysis is revealing our ancient connections with honeybee exploitation.


Enjoy! Lauren Robertson, Deputy Editor

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First up: (bio)pharma. Enjoy!

Image of the Month: Mural Mysteries
04/28/2021 | Lauren Robertson
How multispectral imaging is revealing artists’ technical secrets and aiding cultural heritage conservation
Tough Mother (of Pearl)
04/27/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Researchers invent new optical technique to nondestructively analyze the nanoscale nature of nacre
Inside the Honey Pot
04/22/2021 | Lauren Robertson
How lipid residue analysis is revealing our ancient connections with honeybee exploitation
Amber Alert
Could fossilized resin be the antidote to antibiotic resistance?
Stop Good Pharmaceutical Formulations Going Bad!

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Application Notes
LiDAR Evaluation System: Measurement of Transmittance of Bandpass Filters

This application introduces examples of reflectance measurement and transmittance measurement of optical materials. Read more

Raman: Proving, Proofing & Protecting Spirits

1064 nm Raman is a rapid, accurate, and sensitive method for authentication and safety testing of spirits like pisco, from identification of the grape variety used to alcohol and methanol content. Read more

Researchers obtain high-quality images with an advanced imaging technology.

Accelerate image capture of your biomolecules without sacrificing quality. Learn how to combine detection reagents and SNOW™ to detect weak signals – without saturation of bands on your Western blots. Download

Visualizing Structural Changes in Batteries Using Hard Radiation and the GaliPIX3D Detector

Computed tomography (CT) has been a well-established technology in medical diagnostics for decades. In the past few years, industrial CT has become a very powerful nondestructive analytical method. Read more

NIR and Dairy Spectroscopy

The value of Near-infrared in the dairy industry. Read more

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The INVENIO FTIR Spectrometer

INVENIO easily adapts to various applications where high sensitivity, spectral or temporal resolution, stability and upgradability are required.  Improve results in any industrial/research application with automated settings for validation in the regulated pharmaceutical industry. Read more

ParticleScout® Enhanced for 2021 – Even greater speed, precision and versatility

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