Double or Nothing
11/04/2019 | Jonathan James
A dual-system approach could deliver more detailed spectroscopic imaging of chemical and biological samples
The Infrared Invasion in Our Hospitals
11/06/2019 | Matthew Baker
Matt Baker discusses the rise of clinical spectroscopy and its role in the fight against brain cancer
Raman in the Clinic
11/13/2019 | Jonathan James
Ananya Barui discusses the potential – and pitfalls – of Raman spectroscopy in the clinic
The Wish List: Spectroscopy
04/24/2019 | Nicoló Omenetto, Rick Russo, Frank Bright, Jorge Pisonero Castro, Ron M. A. Heeren, R. Graham Cooks, Gary Hieftje, Kay Niemax, Leslie Hicks
What are the biggest research priorities in spectroscopy today?
Application Notes
Separation of Polymer Additives by GPC using Intelligent Peak Deconvolution Analysis

Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is used to measure the molecular weight distribution of polymers by size exclusion. This application note introduces a novel approach to GPC analysis. Read More.

NIR and Dairy Spectroscopy

The value of Near-infrared in the dairy industry. Read More.

Element Analysis of Biological Samples

Focus on the analysis of heavy-metals, in biological materials including vegetation, animal products and human hair. Read More.

Special Promotions
Generation Quant: Explosion

The 1990s saw exponential increases in MS sensitivity. Watch the video to find out how the iconic API 4000™ System with Turbo V™ Source pushed the limits of quantitation. More Information.

Generation Quant: Evolution

Watch the video to get the inside story behind the technologies that disrupted analytical science in the 2000s – including QTRAP® Technology, SWATH® Acquisition, SelexION® Ion Mobility and TripleTOF® Systems. More Information.

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