Remarkable Technology, Amazing People
07/29/2019 | Rich Whitworth
ASMS and HPLC 2019 showcase why the field of analytical science is so special.
Pot Cemetery
07/12/2019 | Matthew Hallam
Residue from an ancient burial site in Eastern Asia – and the cannabis use that time forgot.
New Tools for Old Masters
07/30/2019 | Katrien Keune
Conserving precious paintings for the art lovers of the future.
Gaining the Upper Hand
08/13/2019 | Jonathan James
Illuminating antiretroviral accumulation in the brain using LC-MS and MALDI-MSI - the key to tackling HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder?
Application Notes
Gene Therapy Research Characterization Using DLS and Zeta Potential

Zeta potential measurements are being used to develop the most efficient formulations of liposomes, peptides, DNA complexes for transfection studies in vivo and in vitro. Read More.

Using the Power Law Model to Quantify Shear Thinning Behavior on a Rotational Rheometer

A material’s rheological properties not only influences its visual and textural perception, but also affects its processing capabilities. Read More.

Product Profile
Quick Evaluation of mAb Glycoforms and ADCC Activity

TSKgel FcR-IIIA-NPR, a new HPLC column based on recombinant FcγIIIa receptor, can provide valuable information on antibody biologic activity and glycoforms in many phases of development and production. Read More.

Special Promotion
CDS Analytical Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

50 years ago, CDS Analytical was founded by Dr. Eugene Levy in Nottingham, PA. CDS has been offering a full range of GC Sample Introduction methods as Pyrolysis, Thermal Desorption and Purge & Trap. Learn More.

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