Find out: how Abbie Vandivere uncovered the secrets of the Girl with a Pearl Earring, why Richard Hark (also featured in a LIBS-focused Q&A below) sought to put the Vinland Map debate to bed, and what it took for Luciana Carvalho and James McCullagh to unravel the mystery of the Sicán mask, in our spectroscopy-focused cover feature roundup. Speaking of roundups, we’ve also pulled together a selection of spectroscopy research and business news stories – look out for more of these in the coming months. And last but not least, James Larkin from the University of Oxford explains how his team used nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and computational analysis to discover metabolite patterns in cancer patients, which could lead to earlier diagnosis.   

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What’s New in Spectroscopy?
02/08/2022 | Margot Lespade
We present the latest research and business spectroscopy news
Live, Laugh, LIBS
02/15/2022 | Richard Hark
Richard Hark argues that chemometric tools are what’s needed to take LIBS to the next level
Myths, Mysteries and Masterpieces
The analytical scientists enhancing our understanding of the past, preserve our cultural heritage, and uncover the secrets behind artist masterworks.
Unveiling Life’s Rich Pattern
02/10/2022 | Margot Lespade
Metabolite patterns uncovered by NMR spectroscopy may shed light on patients with non-specific cancer symptoms
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