We’re kicking off with some content from our December issue this week! First up, Ewoud van Tricht gives us an insight into the novel analytical methods that could streamline COVID-19 vaccine development at Janssen. Victoria Samanidou also shares her thoughts on digital teaching and asks whether the new norm is truly a good substitute for its physical counterpart? Finally, we’ve got two shorter reads; one covering a world record in trace gas detection and the other looking at a newly discovered biofluorescence trait in the eminently odd platypus. Enjoy!


Lauren Robertson, Deputy Editor

Better Methods for Better Vaccines
12/01/2020 | Ewoud van Tricht
Ewoud van Tricht explores three novel methods that could streamline the development of adenovirus vaccines for COVID-19 at Janssen
Digital Overdose: The New Academic Reality
11/19/2020 | Victoria Samanidou
Can electronic tools fill the void left behind by physical meetings in the age of COVID-19?
Image of the Month: Perplexing Platypus
12/02/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Thought the platypus was weird already? Now it appears they glow under UV light too…
Breaking Records in Gas Detection
12/02/2020 | Matthew Hallam
A new spectroscopy approach to trace gaseous impurity detection promises unparalleled sensitivity
Application Notes
wwPTFE Membrane Compared to Syringe Filters with Regenerated Cellulose Membrane

Hydrophilic wwPTFE membrane offers many significant improvements over regenerated cellulose to suit the requirements of today’s analyst protecting their highly sensitive instruments and data. Read more

Baseline separation of chlorophenols using unique YMC-Triart C18 ExRS

The baseline separation of various chlorophenols which only differ in the amount and/or position of the chlorine substituents is made possible using the YMC column with outstanding steric selectivity. Read more

Comprehensive screening of volatile emissions from plastics

This study demonstrates the use of a discovery platform combining thermal desorption (TD) with GC×GC–TOF MS for comprehensive screening of emissions from plastics. Read more

The 1Der for operando XRD measurements

For a truly multipurpose Empyrean the 1Der has opened the possibilities for a truly wide variety of measurements. With 1Der on Empyrean you can unlock a new sense of wonder and discover more about your materials. Read more

Crystalline phase analysis of lithium ion battery electrode materials

XRD instruments can be used to analyze crystalline phase of battery electrode materials to measure important parameters like crystalline phase composition, crystallite size and degree of graphitization. Read more

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PerkinElmer’s NexION® 5000 Multi-Quadrupole ICP-MS

Discover the innovative NexION® 5000 ICP-MS, a four-quadrupole system designed to meet and exceed the demanding trace-elemental testing requirements of semiconductor, biomonitoring and other applications. Read more

INTip Filtration- An Automated Filtration Solution

Powered by Tip-on-Tip technology- A top tip aspirates sample solution, fits into the Filtration tip, and dispenses through the Filtration tip providing a clean, particulate-free solution. These products seamlessly integrate with automated liquid handlers and remove particulates down to less than 1 µm to prevent clogging of LC columns. Read more

Increased throughput and resolution for SEC analysis

TSKgel UP-SW2000 and SW3000 UHPLC columns feature the same pore size as the well-established TSKgel G2000SWXL/G3000SWXL to facilitate SEC method transfer from HPLC to UHPLC technology. Read more

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Register Now: Classify Invasive Melanoma by Imaging Mass Spectrometry

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The Power List 2020 is finally here!

The Power List 2020 celebrates analytical achievement across the four corners of the globe, featuring 10 leading researchers from each continent. We hope you enjoy perusing the list. Thank you to everyone who nominated, and congratulations once again to our winners! Read more

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