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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ QC instruments were designed for bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing—from cleanroom production through final product testing and ALCOA-compliant data management for streamlined reporting and audits.

Let us help you automate processes and reduce the potential for human errors by eliminating pass/fail calculations, manual data entry and paper records.

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Marrying Up Proteins using Molecular Glues
08/30/2021 | Angus Stewart
A husband-and-wife-led team used mass spec to identify new drugs that “glue” proteins together. We spoke to Aneika Leney about the project.
Take Our 100th Issue Readership Survey
06/10/2021 | Matt Hallam
Complete our short survey for the chance to appear in our 100th issue this October!
A Worm's-Eye View
08/25/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Could a new MALD-MSI approach bring unprecedented levels of detail to the study of host-microbe interactions?
Business in Brief
08/31/2021 | Lauren Robertson
Our round up of the latest business news – from FTIR spectroscopy for COVID-19 diagnosis to the first LC-Raman system.
LC-MS Proteomics with Next-Generation All-in-One Nano-, Capillary- And Micro-Flow LC

Join The Analytical Scientist on 8th September to discover how low-flow LC technology with high-performing low-flow columns and HRAM Orbitrap MS or TSQ MS enables scientists to extend their biological knowledge and advance science. Find out more

HPLC and UHPLC webinars this month from Phenomenex

Explore our updated schedule of free webinars for September, with a focus on LC column care and column lifetime and how accessories support your analysis. Keep learning- sign up today for one or more of these webinars. Find out more

Explore the Benefits of a Multi-function Thermal Injection System for Gas Chromatography

Join The Analytical Scientist and CDS Analytical on October 12 to discover the advantages of a versatile GC sample introduction approach and learn about a new thermal sample introduction instrument to assist with polymer screening in under ten minutes. Find out more

The Extreme HPLC Technology Forum

Join our four technology providers in The Extreme HPLC Technology Forum as they share innovation updates, explore applications, offer words of wisdom, and help solve your (extreme) analytical challenges. Find out more

Application Notes
Traffic and personal care products have effects on air quality – a PTR-TOF study

Trace gases contribute significantly to the formation of potential hazardous air pollutants like ozone and secondary aerosols. Learn what two PTR-TOF VOC monitoring sites in Innsbruck discovered. Read more

The 1Der for operando XRD measurements

For a truly multipurpose Empyrean the 1Der has opened the possibilities for a truly wide variety of measurements. With 1Der on Empyrean you can unlock a new sense of wonder and discover more about your materials. Read more

NIR and Dairy Spectroscopy

The value of Near-infrared in the dairy industry. Read more

Product Profiles
Find out how you can stop high-purity gas costs stacking up with BIP® technology

Most users only consider the cost of the cylinder when it comes to high purity gases, but additional costs can add up, use our online calculator to see how BIP® gases can reduce your overal spend. Learn more

Optimizing Results in Analytical Chemistry Sample Preparation

For HPLC sample prep, Pall’s wwPTFE is a high-quality universal membrane with broad chemical compatibility, available in a variety of formats. Visit our website to learn more. Learn more

Events to Watch Out for in 2021

We work with event organizers from all around the world to help bring the analytical science community together, from large congresses to intimate meetings that fit around a table. Discover some of the events that we partner with and and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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