Industrial Revelations: Michele Suman, Barilla

In a new series, industry scientists are in the spotlight – starting with a champion of food analysis.

July 2018

Scientists working for companies have made huge contributions across the analytical sciences. Compared with their academic counterparts, however, industry scientists are more apt to stay out of the spotlight. In this new interview series, we will highlight some of those contributions, by talking to industry scientists about the joys (and pitfalls) of doing science in the “real world.”

Michele Suman, a Research Manager at Barilla SpA Research Labs, is a true collaborator – a member of working groups in the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), Chair of the ILSI Process Related Compounds & Natural Toxins Task Force, and  member of the Board of Mass Spectrometry Division – Italian Chemistry Society. He is also a leader of major EU projects, such as the EU-FP7 FoodIntegrity Project and the EU-H2020 MyToolBox projects. His impressive publication list includes five book chapters, 115 contributions at national and international conferences and 70 papers in international journals.

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