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About Us

This first editorial sets out the mission and vision of the publication and website.



Editor - Charlotte Barker    charlotte.barker@texerepublishing.com 

Deputy Editor - Joanna Cummings    joanna.cummings@texerepublishing.com

Publishing Director - Lee Noyes   lee.noyes@texerepublishing.com

Scientific Director - Frank van Geel   frank.vangeel@texerepublishing.com

Editorial Director - Fedra Pavlou   fedra.pavlou@texerepublishing.com

Content Director - Rich Whitworth    rich.whitworth@texerepublishing.com

Head of Design - Marc Bird   marc.bird@texerepublishing.com

Designer - Hannah Ennis   hannah.ennis@texerepublishing.com

Digital Team Lead - David Roberts   david.roberts@texerepublishing.com

Digital Producer Web/Email - Peter Bartley   peter.bartley@texerepublishing.com

Digital Producer Web/App - Aby Bradley   aby.bradley@texerepublishing.com

Audience Insight Manager - Tracey Nicholls   tracey.nicholls@texerepublishing.com

Traffic and Audience Associate - Lindsey Vickers   lindsey.vickers@texerepublishing.com

Traffic and Audience Manager - Jody Fryett   jody.fryett@texerepublishing.com

Events Manager - Alice Daniels-Wright   alice.danielswright@texerepublishing.com

Financial Controller - Phil Dale   phil.dale@texerepublishing.com

Chief Executive Officer - Andy Davies   andy.davies@texerepublishing.com

Chief Operating Officer - Tracey Peers   tracey.peers@texerepublishing.com

Website, App Design & Programming - b:dreizehn GmbH   info@b13.de


Editorial Advisory Board

Monika Dittman, Agilent Technologies, Germany

Norman Dovichi, University of Notre Dame, USA

Gary Hieftje, Indiana University, USA

Emily Hilder, University of South Australia, Australia

Ron Heeren, Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Tuulia Hyötyläinen, University of Örero, Finland

Hans-Gerd Janssen, Unilever Research and Development, The Netherlands

Robert Kennedy, University of Michigan, USA

Samuel Kounaves, Tufts University, USA

Marcus Macht, SCIEX, Germany

Luigi Mondello, University of Messina, Italy 

Peter Schoenmakers, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Robert Shellie, Trajan Scientific and Medical, Australia

Ben Smith, University of Florida, USA

Frantisec Svec, University of California at Berkeley, USA

Ian Wilson, Imperial College London, UK

Frank Bright, University at Buffalo, USA

Chris Harrison, San Diego State University, USA


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The Analytical Scientist is distributed worldwide through 21,000 printed copies to a targeted European mailing list of industry professionals and 75,000 electronic copies, including 26,250 US, 3,750 EMEA and 15,000 ROW readers.

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