Newsletter - 1216-03
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Issue #1216
Top Articles
10. Gurus Of...
Christophe Galland and Tobias Kippenberg share a potentially disruptive new model to explain unexpected observations in surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). Volker Deckert and Duncan Graham offer their thoughts on this and the future of Raman.
9. Making a Murderer
In an episode of the hit documentary, two witnesses gave testimonies – the FBI Chemistry Unit Chief and an analytical chemist. They had very different takes on what constitutes proof – and what it means to be an analytical scientist…
8. Ion Legend
We Sit Down With patent-publishing wonder, Chris Pohl, of Thermo Fisher. He talks about the chemistry equivalent of LEGO and how trialing explosives in his father’s basement helped make him the experimental chemist he is today.
Imagine a society where people are discriminated against not because of their color, race, religion or sex, but because of their genomic predisposition to disease. Rich asks if genetically-modified embryos herald a dystopian future… Read article
When writing is central to the job of assuring health, safety and quality, you can’t afford to be loose with language. But where do you start when editing your written work for quality control? Steven Schultz shares a few tactics. Read article