Newsletter - 1216-03
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Issue #1216
Top Articles
5. Integrative Omics
From the study of cancer to microbial communities, multi-omic analyses provide insight unattainable with single omics. Amanda Hummon and Tom Metz point to the power, potential – and inevitability – of an integrated omics approach.
4. Tacky Factor
In July's editorial, Rich Whitworth took on the over-popular ‘Impact Factor’. What does “impact” mean in scientific journal publishing? What should it mean?
And should analytical scientists be the ones leading the charge for change?
3. RIP-GC?
When disruptive technology comes along, it can be hard to defend the technique under attack – even if we have embraced it for decades. Ray Perkins explains why selected ion flow tube mass spec could spell the end of gas chromatography in some cases.
As the mother of a child with autism, analytical scientist Anna Blazewicz has a personal interest in the condition. She tells us how she has used ion chromatography to uncover a link between iodine levels and symptoms of autism. Read article
This year’s Power List shines a celebratory spotlight on the female scientists leading the way in the analytical sciences. Read October's cover feature for their passions, pivotal moments and predictions – and prepare to be inspired. Read article