Newsletter - 0917-02
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Issue #0917
Top Articles
The Truth About Fracking
Environmental groups, oil companies, politicians and the public – everyone is talking about hydraulic fracturing. Is analytical rigor the only way to uncover the real impact of unconventional oil and gas development?
Calling All Mentors
We must motivate more students to enter the analytical sciences…but how? Charles Lucy believes that academics and industrial chemists need to be willing to share their experience and advice to inspire young scientists.
Good Mews Traveled Fast
For the first time, a large team has combined ancient DNA analysis and direct accelerator mass spec to better comprehend the poorly understood process of feline domestication – and confirm the role the Egyptians played...
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SIFT-MS Webinar Series
Rapid gas and headspace analysis with SIFT MS
High-throughput analysis using selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry (SIFT-MS) provides unique opportunities for rapid gas and headspace analysis. This series of webinars will look at exciting applications for SIFT-MS in analysing volatile emissions from packaging, monitoring automotive material and tailpipe emissions, and ensuring workplace air quality.
Upcoming Webinars
Mass Spectrometry for Biopharmaceuticals
Protein characterization is required at all stages of the biopharmaceutical pipeline, and mass spectrometry plays a key part in enabling confident structural insight into these complex molecules. Join us on a journey of biopharmaceutical mass analysis, and learn from recognized leaders in academia and industry about LC-MS analysis of therapeutic proteins – including Prof. Alexander Makarov, Dr. David Tickle and Prof. Dame Carol Robinson.
Anton Paar A practical response to Pharmacopeia guidelines Webinar
This free webinar will benefit anyone involved in the making or testing of pharmaceutical products. Focusing on enantiomer purity, colloid stability, formulation consistency and infusion contamination, provide an overview of Pharmacopeia guidelines and what this means in the real world of research, production and quality control.
Application Notes
Exploring the impact of particle characteristics on suspension rheology
This white paper examines the impact of particle properties on suspension viscosity, and more broadly on rheological behavior. It looks in some detail at how particle size, shape and zeta potential influence critical aspects of suspension performance such as viscosity and stability and how these properties can be manipulated to tailor rheological behavior.
Sophisticated antibody analysis by GPC/SEC multichrome light scattering
A multidetection GPC/SEC method including UV, RI and Light scattering can be used for the simultaneous determination of aggregate content of monoclonal antibodies and antibody fragments using a single column set.
How good is on-line zetapotential measurement in water treatment?
The Aurora Water treatment facility is using zeta potential as both an off- and on-line tool for monitoring and controlling the water treatment process. Results show how on-line technology can reduce chemical usage costs and simplify process operation, delivering further gains in energy consumption.
Product Profiles
Sensitive Diode Array Detector for HPLC AZURA DAD 2.1L
The KNAUER AZURA DAD 2.1L is a diode array detector that combines high performance with easy handling and this at an attractive price. The detector is equipped with a deuterium lamp which covers a wavelength range from 190 to 700 nm and can be embedded in the most chromatography data systems.
Special Promotions
Register now for Lab Innovations
Lab Innovations returns to the heart of the industry on 1 & 2 November 2017 at the NEC, Birmingham. This is your opportunity to discover the latest innovations in laboratory technology, biotech and analytical equipment, from over 130 manufacturers and suppliers of laboratory products.
CLAM-2000 is a disruptive technology supporting progress in clinical mass spectrometry
CLAM-2000 is the first ever platform that integrated automated sample preparation into LC-MS/MS system, thereby enabling users to walk away after setting a crude sample for example in a blood collection tube. Watch the video to find out more about this groundbreaking technology.
Upcoming Events
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