Newsletter - 0517-01
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Issue #0517
Top Articles
Chemicals Everywhere. But Where Exactly?
Enrico Davoli takes us on a mass spectrometric journey from the macro to the micro as he explores the space dimension – and reveals the essential nature of spatial data…
Marching for Sanity
In April, hundreds of thousands across the world ‘marched for science’. As we reach the point where science must be defended, says Rich Whitworth, reproducible measurement science has never been so vital.
Taking the EV Option
Although the techniques behind liquid biopsy have become more advanced, breast cancer continues to elude detection. Could LC-MS/MS help open up new avenues in liquid biopsy-based cancer diagnostics?
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Trends in Water Analysis
We would very much appreciate your help with a short survey that aims to uncover emerging trends in water analysis. The anonymized data will be used as the basis of an article that explores where water analysis is heading.
Product Profiles
Brighter Analysis
Eliminate matrix effects with HybridSPE

HybridSPE is a simple pass through sample prep technology that increases data accuracy and reproducibility while extending analytical column life. The selective removal of both proteins and phospholipids eliminate ion suppression and back pressure during LC/MS analysis. Discover the benefits:
Nano flow cell with fiber optics technology
Using the KNAUER nano flow cell optimizes the separation in low-flow applications. The nano flow cell with fiber optics technology from KNAUER won the Best of Industry award 2017 lent by the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien GmbH and the Innovation Award 2017 conferred by the Initiative Mittelstand.
Application Notes
PFCs in Water: Automated On-line SPE-LC/MS/MS Analysis
An automated online SPE procedure for separation, concentration and determination of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) in water by LC/MS/MS is presented based on small replaceable SPE cartridges. Analyte concentration is achieved by elution into the LC/MS/MS system by the mobile phase, resulting in 100 % recovery and low limits of detection.
Study of the resolution and detection of SEC-LS and DLS
This study with Novosymes Biopharma compares the resolving and detection capabilities of size exclusion chromatography light scattering and dynamic light scattering. SEC-LS provides high resolution and characterisation, DLS can be used as a rapid screening technique
Introducing Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy
The production of counterfeit drugs is a major challenge to the industry and has the potential to endanger health, threaten reputation and, in the long-term, reduce the funds needed to drive pharmaceutical innovation. Counterfeit products, although often packaged convincingly, may have specific components replaced or altogether removed, and/or additional components included.
Technical note: Comprehensive two‑dimensional gas chromatography
This paper provides a short overview of the theory and practice of the rapidly-developing field of two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC×GC). Included in the discussion are a summary of the detectors used, an assessment of the options available for modulating the first-column eluate, and some recent developments in methodologies for interpreting the results.
Special Promotions
Bringing Time Back to Biology with Surface Plasmon Resonance
Surface plasmon resonance (SPR) has become a go-to tool for biotherapeutic characterization – and most approved antibody therapeutics have passed through a Biacore SPR system. Here, Robert Karlsson from GE Healthcare Life Sciences explains the benefits of SPR and how the technique can bring time back to biology.
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