Newsletter - 0317-03
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Issue #0317
Top Articles
Collaborating for the Clinical Win
We Sit Down with Ron Heeren, Director of M4I, to talk multidisciplinary research and mass spec: “Changing my environment and research topics helps to keep my passion for science alive.”
Taming the Third Dimension
Contemporary 1D- and 2D-LC technology is insufficient to tackle the complex sample mixtures encountered in modern life-science studies. Vrije Universiteit Brussel’s Jelle de Vos and Sebastiaan Eeeltink suggest a solution.
Hidden Hunger
Deficiencies in nutrients are an important health problem worldwide. How will future climate change impact our dietary intake of selenium? Inductively coupled plasma-mass spec and predictive modeling may have provided the answer…
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Product Profiles
YMC UHPLC Size Exclusion Columns!
For fast SEC analysis YMC introduced YMC-Pack Diol UHPLC SEC Columns with 2 µm. Increased throughput and improved resolution is provided with excellent reproducibility and long-term stability at the same time.
Best-in-class sensitivity meets wide range of applications
Shimadzu’s GCMS-QP2020 high-end single quadrupole gas chromatograph mass spectrometer offers excellent performance and smart operability. The in¬strument satisfies a wide range of needs for single quadrupole GC-MS systems, e.g. testing/inspection of food, pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental applications. The GCMS-QP2020 achieves the highest sensitivity in its class and enables high-speed performance for many applications.
Application Notes
IC-ICP/MS – collected standards and applications presented in white paper
Online hyphenation of ion chromatography (IC) to inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP/MS) is a powerful instrumental tool to handle some of the most challenging analytical tasks. A new Metrohm white paper presents collected applications covering a wide range of analytes as well as current norms and standards.
Increased Monoclonal Antibody Resolution in UHPLC
With the introduction of TSKgel UP-SW3000 silica-based UHPLC columns increased speed and higher resolution can be achieved for the separation of antibody fragments, monomers, and dimers. These size exclusion columns feature the same pore size as the renowned TSKgel G3000SWXL.
Humanity in Science Award 2017: Nominations Now Open
Calling all philanthropic scientists – nominations for the 2017 Humanity in Science Award are now open. The award – and prize money of $25,000 – will be presented to recognize a recent scientific breakthrough that can have a positive impact on people’s lives worldwide. The 2016 award recognized the "Development of a new paper and flexible material-based diagnostic biosensing platform that could be used to remotely detect and determine treatment options for HIV, E-coli, Staphylococcus aureas and other bacteria." Could the 2017 winner be you or someone you know?
Full details and conditions available.

Nominations close May 1st.
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