Newsletter - 0818-04
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The Tooth Will Out
LC-MS analysis of nicotine found in ancient teeth has revealed the smokers of ancient societies – and it may not be who we thought…
Another Man’s Treasure
Got an obsolete but working instrument sitting in the basement of your institution? There are students who are in need.
From the Archive: Poster Appraisal
Are poster sessions still relevant in 21st century scientific meetings? Four experts state their cases.
Has your company released technology, an instrument or a software solution causing a stir in the analytical science community? Email for more information.
Assessing Critical Quality Attributes and Structural Conformation of Biotherapeutics by HDX-MS
Hydrogen deuterium exchange (HDX) mass spectrometry (MS) is a powerful tool for studying the dynamics of higher order structure of protein-based therapeutics. Learn from experts at Genentech and Thermo Fisher Scientific how HDX-MS can be employed to monitor critical quality attributes of protein therapeutics.

25th September 2018, 8.30 am PDT, 11.30am EDT, 17.30pm CEST
Accurate peptide retention data collection for retention modeling studies using the Q Exactive HF-X Orbitrap mass spectrometer
This presentation provides step-by-step guide for construction of peptide retention library using 2D LC-MS/MS (high pH RP – low pH RP separation scheme, Q Exactive HF-X Orbitrap mass spectrometer) analysis of whole cell tryptic digests.

27th September 2018, 16:00 BST
Intact Analysis and Mapping of Therapeutic Protein Variants using Ion Exchange Chromatography Mass Spectrometry, and Peptide Sequencing via Fragmentation
Join experts from leading contract research organisation, Covance, and learn how they have developed capabilities for the analysis of antibody-drug conjugate variants using ion exchange chromatography hyphenated to MS.

5th December 2018, 9am PST, 12pm EST, 6pm CET
Application Notes
UHP-SEC Analysis of Biosimilars
The amounts of high and low molecular weight impurities are critical quality attributes for a therapeutic protein. Size exclusion chromatography (SEC), the standard technology for analyzing aggregation and fragmentation, was applied to elucidate the molecular similarity between an adalimumab biosimilar and the corresponding innovator product.
Highly Sensitive Determination of Contaminants in Surface Water in the Context of the EU Water Framework Directive using Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction (SBSE) and GC-MS/MS
In the work presented here, highly sensitive determination of around 100 contaminants in surface water in the concentration range from low doubledigit to low triple-digit pg/L was performed.
The Do’s and Don’ts of Working with Purified Water
Water is probably the most commonly used reagent in every laboratory. From reagent and buffer preparation to sample and standards dilution, water is everywhere. The potential impact of water quality on experimental results cannot be overlooked. It is important to learn a few ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when handling purified water.
Quantitative determination of volatile organic pollutants in water using headspace–trap GC–MS
Headspace samples acquired on the Centri automated sample preparation and concentration platform were used to quantify a wide range of volatile organic pollutants in water. This work shows that in headspace–trap mode, Centri meets all the requirements and performs to the highest standard for this type of environmental analysis (EPA Method 524.2).
Product Profiles
ROXY™ EC – for on-line Electrochemistry/MS (EC/MS)
The ROXY EC is a flexible Electrochemistry system for fast prediction of drug metabolism/degradation and easy online reduction of disulfide bonds in MS Proteomics and HDX/MS. The ROXY EC can be integrated with any MS and with the added benefit of rapid and cost-effective synthesis of metabolites/degradant at mg scale.
Sciencix HPLC Check Valve Cartridges
Reduce your product repair expenses by 30% by using our high quality check valve cartridges. Our check valve cartridges are equivalent to the corresponding OEM part. They are designed to keep your HPLC system performing at an optimal level.
New MEGA GC Columns Accessories and Solutions 2018 Catalog is here
Since 1980, MEGA has developed and manufactured GC columns offering general-purpose and application-specific solutions to analysts around the world. Today we offer a complete range of columns for GC, GC-MS, FAST-GC and chiral-GC, plus innovative products and accessories for multidimensional GC (GCxGC), high-temperature GC and MEMS micro-fabricated “lab-on-a-chip” GC.
NEW SEC Column for Antibodies by YMC
The new YMC-SEC MAB is designed for analysing antibodies, fragments or aggregates. It is the ideal choice for high resolution of high and low molecular weight species with excellent reproducibility.
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