Newsletter - 0618-04
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An Underused Framework for Simpler Sample Prep?
MOFs are some of the most promising innovative materials of the moment. Victoria Samanidou highlights how almost limitless configurations could improve sample preparation.
Working Like a Dog
In search and rescue, dogs are an invaluable resource – but they are far from perfect. A new sensor that can sense part-per-billion levels of chemicals released from human breath and skin could help speed up the process.
Pure and Simple(r)
A collaborative team from the Netherlands have found an inexpensive and more effective way to produce breast cancer drug, Tamoxifen, in scalable quantities – using only a simple paper “coffee” filter...
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Rapid Volatile Impurity Analysis in Pharmaceutical Products Using Direct MS
Volatile compounds occur frequently as impurities in pharmaceutical products and are often of concern due their toxicity. SIFT-MS is a new tool for real-time, selective, and economical trace gas and headspace analysis of volatile compounds, including chromatographically challenging ones such as formaldehyde, formic acid, and ammonia.

11 July 2018, 3pm BST
Modernizing Nitrosamine Analysis
Nitrosamines are substances of increasing concern in relation to drinking water safety. This webinar explores the use of a novel advanced electron ionization (AEI) source in conjunction with GC triple quadrupole mass spectrometry to provide a simple way to measure nitrosamines at low part per trillion (ng/L, ppt) levels.

16 July 2018, 16:00 BST
Application Notes
Using the Power Law Model to Quantify Shear Thinning Behavior on a Rotational Rheometer
A material’s rheological properties not only influences its visual and textural perception, but also affects its processing capabilities. For instance, compared to Newtonian materials, shear-thinning materials are more susceptible to applied stress.
Gene Therapy Research Characterization Using DLS and Zeta Potential
Determine the charge of liposome/DNA complexes
The use of antibodies, either covalently attached onto the surface of neutral and anionic liposomes or used in a complex, is also being investigated. Zeta potential measurements are being used to develop the most efficient formulations of liposomes, peptides, DNA complexes for transfection studies in vivo and in vitro.
Fully automated HS monitoring of VOCs from effluent by GC–FID & GC–TOF MS
This study demonstrates a fully automated GC analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the headspace of waste effluent using a flow-through cell with a sample preparation robot, and detection by FID and/or TOF MS.
Product Profiles
Kromasil EternityXT for tough HPLC conditions
EternityXT is the latest evolution of the Kromasil Eternity platform for silica-based stationary phases and columns with enhanced chemical stability under an extended pH range compared to regular silica. Thanks to the reinforced organo-silane surface gradient Kromasil EternityXT offers opportunities to run separations at pH between 1 and 12.
Special Promotions
The Unofficial Guide to EPRW 2018
The field of pesticide residue analysis faces tough challenges – and requires advanced technology to tackle them. Here, as part of our (unofficial) guide to EPRW 2018, we speak to seven experts from this focused and passionate community who explore how we “stay in the game” and explain why we can look forward to a future as rich in progress as the past.
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