Newsletter - 0218-03
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Issue #0218
Top Articles
(Still) Surfing the Proteomics Wave
We Sit Down With John Yates III from the Scripps Research Institute: “When budgets are tight, the people who suffer most are the young researchers we should be nurturing.”
The Birth of MS/MS Screening
Advances in metabolomics drive a parallel surge in metabolite discovery. Donald Chace describes how it all began with the analysis of amino acids and acylcarnitines 20 years ago.
Mirror, Mirror...
Could a tool to predict racemization help prevent drug discovery dead ends? We spoke to the co-author of a new study, Niek Buurma from Cardiff University’s School of Chemistry, to discover more about the dangers of mirror molecules.
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Pesticides: From analytical standards to certified reference materials
This webinar will describe a routine certification procedure using the example of pesticide standards from the point of view of a commercial producer of CRMs and will include specific selection criteria, pre-tests, experimental conditions, homogeneity and stability studies.

28th March 2018, 09:00 CET or 17:00 CET
Application Notes
Enhanced characterisation of cannabis extracts using flow-modulated GCxGC- TOF MS/FID with Tandem Ionisation
This study demonstrates the use of flow-modulated GC×GC to analyse complex cannabis extracts, with simultaneous detection by TOF MS for confident identification and FID for robust quantitation.
UHP-SEC/MS Analysis of a novel Bispecific Antibody Format
More potent formats of monoclonal antibodies, such as bispecific antibodies, are on the rise in the area of biotherapeutics. In this application note, a bispecific T cell engager consisting of two single-chain variable fragments was analyzed by UHP-SEC/MS.
HPLC Analysis of Oligonucleotides Using YMCs Non-porous AEX Columns
Oligonucleotides are important in genetic testing, research and forensics. For quite some time now, oligonucleotide-based approaches have been developed for different pharmaceutical applications. In addition to RP based methods, a method for the determination of oligonucleotides using YMC-BioPro QA-F, a strong and non-porous anion exchanger, has been developed by YMC.
How to Ensure Analytical Accuracy and Reliability with an Inert Flow Path
An inert sample pathway is critical for accurately quantifying low levels of active samples that are common in today’s analytical applications. Regulations and smaller sample sizes have placed utmost importance on getting accurate results quickly without instrument downtime. Read this application note to learn how inert coatings improve analytical performance.
Multi-detector GPC/SEC analysis of polysaccharides using OMNISEC
This application note will describe the analysis of three polysaccharide samples using advanced detection. Comparisons will be made between the three highlighting the advantages of advanced detection.
GPC/SEC Analysis of Polymer Solutions Used in Inkjet Printing
Description the use of a GPC/SEC system to analyze degradation in polymers used in inkjet printing applications. The authors of the referenced papers used the GPC/SEC system to quantify the molecular weight changes as a function of printing time as well as the degree of branching in the studied polymers.
Product Profiles
Apex™ Die – High quality, high throughput XRF Dies
The Evacuable Pellet Die is a sturdy, reliable essential for the production of XRF sample pellets. However, the new Specac Apex™ Quick Release Die greatly increases speed and consistency of producing sample pellets for X-ray Fluorescent Spectroscopic analysis.
Kromasil new column solutions for SFC
Kromasil SFC XT columns, based on organo-silane chemistry, are now being shipped worldwide. These new products together with the Kromasil 2-ethylpyridine, silica, cyano, and diol columns are available in 2.5 and 5 µm particle sizes, packed from 3.0 to 30 mm i.d. for analytical and semiprep applications.
µPAC™ - micro-chip chromatography column
µPAC™ is PharmaFluidics’ game-changing chip-based chromatography column for nano-LC. Perfect order in the separation bed is achieved by etching a regular pattern of pillars into a silicon wafer using micromachining technology. The column allows high-resolution separation of tiny, complex biological samples, with an unprecedented robustness and reproducibility. µPAC™ is the perfect tool for lipidomic, metabolomic and peptide profiling.
Axetris MFD Plus now available for flows upto 20'000 sccm
Axetris announces a further extension to its MFD Plus+ range of mass flow meters and controllers. The products are now available with Nitrogen, Air or Argon calibrations for full scale flows of upto 20 slpm. They provide an unmatched dynamic range of better than 2500:1.
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