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Issue #0218
Top Articles
Metabolomics: The Superglue of Omics
Our understanding of cellular and molecular processes has increased exponentially during the last century. As the profile of metabolomics soars, three experts offer their thoughts on the future of the field...
Something New Under the Sun
Pack your swimsuits, folks – this year’s Pittcon is in Orlando, Florida. With interactive presentations, networking sessions, and a LEGO car race, we’re sure the program will have you walking on sunshine.
A “Nose” for Trouble
What makes blue crab urine so scary to mud crabs? A US research team have used both nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and mass spectrometry-based metabolomics to analyze and isolate “fear-inducing” chemical cues.
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Univocal Identification of Flavor and Fragrance Compounds Using GC-MS (TOF) / Condensed Phase FTIR with an Extensive Library
Learn how a unique condensed-phase GC-FTIR allows structural elucidation in a single analysis for flavor and fragrance compounds.

7th March 2018, 15:00 CET
Product Profiles
µPAC™ - micro-chip chromatography column
µPAC™ is PharmaFluidics’ game-changing chip-based chromatography column for nano-LC. Perfect order in the separation bed is achieved by etching a regular pattern of pillars into a silicon wafer using micromachining technology. The column allows high-resolution separation of tiny, complex biological samples, with an unprecedented robustness and reproducibility. µPAC™ is the perfect tool for lipidomic, metabolomic and peptide profiling.
Q-sep Extraction Salts Make QuEChERS Even Easier
New Q-sep extraction salts from Restek make an easy technique even simpler. Our new, improved design provides the salts in a more granular form, so they flow freely and are easier to pour than powders.
Sciencix’s HPLC performance maintenance kits are designed to be equivalent to the corresponding OEM Kits. According to the company, the kits contain essential parts to keep HPLC systems performing at an optimal level.
Biotage Second Generation Solvent Evaporators
Biotage’s new flexible TurboVap® gas vortex shearing technology based systems incorporate many new features, with full samples visibility, a compact design, removable/adjustable nozzles, exchangeable manifolds, evaporation flow gradients, and a touchscreen interface.
Application Notes
Higher product yields, less waste: Determination of metal-organic compounds by thermometric titration
Metrohm is pleased to present a fast and highly accurate method for the determination of metal-organic compounds by thermometric titration. The main advantage of this method is its versatile use for different metal-organic compounds.
Monitoring VOCs in stack emissions in accordance with European standard method CEN/TS 13649
This Application Note demonstrates that Markes International’s automated thermal desorption systems offer excellent results for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in stationary source emissions in accordance with the updated version of the European standard method CEN/TS 13649.
Nanobubble Applications and Characterization Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis
The generation, measurement, and applied technologies of so-called nanobubbles or ultra-fine bubbles, are evolving dramatically. The unique properties of nanobubbles makes them attractive. Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis offers a unique capability to characterize nanobubbles. We’ve shown that in the presence of electrolytes and with the correct physical stimulus, stable nanobubbles can be formed from conventional microbubbles.
The impact of electrode particle size and shape on battery slurry viscosity
Batteries are ubiquitous in modern life and our reliance on them has never been greater. Therefore, ensuring optimum battery performance through manufacturing control is of increasing significance. In previous application notes we have discussed the importance of particle size and carbon microstructure on the manufacture and performance of battery electrodes.
Special Promotions
Mass Spectrometry at the Cutting Edge
From testing for toxins, to revealing the inner workings of the cell, the potential for mass spectrometry is limitless. In this eBook, we’ve gathered a selection of the latest innovations and applications in this ever-evolving field.
GPC Application Notebook for Polymer Analysis
Gel permeation chromatography (GPC) is a valuable and well-established tool for the chemical industry when it comes to the determination of the molecular weight and the molecular weight distribution of polymers. Read the new application book compiling various examples of ambient and high temperature GPC analysis for a broad range of polymers performed using the Tosoh EcoSEC GPC systems and TSKgel columns.
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