Newsletter - 0618-01
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Top Articles
The Next Big (and Small) Thing
The huge diversity of applications that must be addressed by modern LC presents both challenges and opportunities. So what’s on the wish lists of leading chromatographers?
Time to Think
Modern life is fast. But Content Director, Rich Whitworth believes we could all benefit from taking a moment to consider what could be. “Innovative (analytical) solutions require creativity; creativity demands thinking time…”
Data With Destiny
A chromatography consortium has been awarded four million euros as part of the Belgian government’s Excellence of Science (EOS) program. We find out more about the project focusing on multidimensional methods.
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Application Notes
Mineral Mapping Using Spectroscopy
From Field Measurements to Airborne Satellite-Based Imaging Spectrometry

Case histories on selected physics-based analysis methodologies are discussed and the level of information available from the data are demonstrated. Examples include mineral identification and mapping in the context of hydrothermal alteration associated with active and fossil hot springs and mineral deposits.
Determination of sugars in honey using HILIC separation and RI detection
Honey is one of the most popular natural foods and the consumption has grown in the last few decades. Hydrophilic-interaction chromatography was used for the separation of mono- and disaccharides to distinguish between honey and honey substitute products. The dedicated AZURA® Sugar Analytical System with autosampler upgrade is perfectly suitable for this application.
Sample Preparation Options for the Extraction of a Panel of Endogenous Steroids
This poster compares sample preparation options for the extraction of a panel of endogenous steroids from serum. LC-MS/MS parameters were investigated for increased sensitivity.
Impurity isolation and API purification by Supercritical Fluid Chromatography
All Kromasil SFC phases are available as 2.5 and 5 μm particles sizes with columns up to 30 mm ID. The example shown here illustrates a purification where enough material can be obtained further characterization work, or short and long term studies can take place.
Performance of Low Retention GripTips from Integra
It has been demonstrated on several occasions: best results are obtained by following the recommended pipetting techniques and working with an optimized pipetting system in which tips and pipettes have been designed to perfectly fit together. This Application Guide illustrates the advantages of using Low Retention GripTips when pipetting low surface tension liquids.
Product Profiles
NEW (U)HPLC Columns for Proteins
YMC-Triart Bio C4 is a new wide-pore phase for (U)HPLC. Due to its 300 Å pore size, it is designed for peptide/protein separations. Excellent reproducibility is provided. High pH (1-10) and temperature (up to 90°C) stability is guaranteed!
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