Elena Ibanez


Elena Ibanez

Research Professor, Foodomics Laboratory Bioactivity and Food Analysis Department, Institute of Food Science Research (CIAL-CSIC), Madrid, Spain

Passion: I am most passionate about somehow contributing to the improvement of human life. Through the development and implementation of green analytical chemistry, I really think we can improve our world. I also believe that if we all contribute in a small way, we can absolutely make the difference – think big, act small!

Pivotal moment: The most important moment in my career was to create, together with Alejandro Cifuentes, our research group. From that moment on, the challenge has been trying to find the best way to contribute to the advancement of the science and how this can improve our lives. 

Prediction: There is a big room for improvement in terms of green sample preparation techniques, mainly based on intensified processes – and the way we can link sample preparation to large-scale processes.