#2 Harold McNair


Harold McNair

Professor Emeritus, Analytical Chemistry, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA.

What makes a good mentor?
One who realizes how much he or she was mentored by parents, teachers, fellow students and friends. All us, particularly me, benefited from this mentoring and my attitude is – please pass it on!

Nominator comment: “Harold has been a mentor for so many chromatographers through the years, whether for his students at Virginia Tech, or attendees at the more than 100 short courses he organized and delivered throughout the last 35 years. It is estimated that he has taught more than 10,000 chromatographers through these courses. More importantly, his charismatic nature, his style of open inquiry and inquisitive research, and his caring nature have made him a mentor to emulate. I try to run my own research group the same way that I learned from him.