Exhibiting Excitement

Joshua Crossney is President and Founder of jCanna, Inc., (www.jCanna.com) a Maryland-based non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of cannabis science, analytical testing, and personalized (precision) medicine. Josh organizes the newly minted Cannabis Science Conference, and is chairing a symposium on cannabis analysis at Pittcon 2017. Here, he updates us about the events that are getting the medicinal cannabis industry talking.

What was the response to the inaugural Cannabis Science Conference in 2016?

The feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We had over 750 attendees from all over the world, including Israel, Italy, Germany, Canada, Colombia, Germany, Japan, Australia, Denmark and Nigeria! Attendees said that the presentations “gave them goosebumps”, and there was a level of excitement, energy, and enthusiasm that you simply do not see at most tradeshows.

In short, many people from different backgrounds and areas of expertise came together to share their experiences and work together to build cannabis science. There was an air of collaboration, and a sense that we began to overcome the 80-plus years of suppression and stigma associated with cannabis!

What topics will feature in the Analytical Cannabis Symposium at this year’s Pittcon?

My goal was to create a symposium that not only educates and informs, but also excites attendees to get involved. The focus is definitely more on the analytical testing and technology side, but we have incorporated medical, cultivation and cannabis industry perspectives into the mix, with speakers chosen as expert representatives from these various disciplines.

Jack Henion, Scott Kuzdzal, Olga Shimelis and Melissa Fauth will speak about cannabis analytical testing challenges and opportunities, explaining the technologies and methods involved in everything from sample pre-processing to analytical testing and research. These experts are leading the way in cannabis analytical instrument and method development. We also have two medical doctors, Kevin Rosenblatt and Uma Dhanabalan, who will cover a variety of cannabis medical topics such as genomics, personalized medicine, and the history of cannabis as a medicine.

Personally, I am most excited to meet more analytical industry experts and talk to delegates. jCanna, Inc. will have an exhibit booth (#5102) at Pittcon, and I encourage anyone that wants to learn more about the cannabis industry or our annual Cannabis Science Conference to stop by and say hello! I will also be moderating a Pittcon Conferee Networking Session.

How has the industry (and attitudes) changed in the last twelve months?

Every year the cannabis industry, and cannabis science in particular, gains momentum. Every day I talk with companies eager to learn how their products or services might fit into the cannabis market. Over the past year I have seen more and more consumables and reagents companies getting involved, and great interest from informatics companies. Not only are these companies becoming successful in selling their products/services to new markets, but they are actually helping to solve some of the integration and workflow issues in cannabis markets.

What we know about cannabis is merely a drop, and what we do not know is an ocean. Researchers in other countries, especially Israel, are making great strides and I expect to see an explosion of research here in the US soon.

The Analytical Cannabis Symposia (I and II) will take place at this year’s Pittcon, on Thursday, March 9th, 2017, 8:30am-5pm, Room W183A

The Cannabis Science Conference will be held from August 28-30 in Portland, Oregon, at the Oregon Convention Center. Visit www.cannabisscienceconference.com to learn more. Use the code “PITTCON” for 25% off the cost of registration.