Meet PotBot...

...your “virtual budtender”

There are several hundred strains of medicinal cannabis on the market, and with legislative barriers and misinformation, people hoping to use it to treat medical conditions could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. So how to choose if you choose to use? Meet PotBot.

PotBot is a search engine designed to guide patients to choose the right medicinal cannabis for them. They simply input their symptoms and receive a personalized recommendation as to strain, consumption method and quantity of medical marijuana – as well as details of the nearest clinic or dispensary.

It seeks to help potential users of medicinal cannabis make informed choices between the all the strains and consumption methods on the market – as well as helping them gain physical access to supplies or practitioners.

PotBot’s database has been developed using continually updated medicinal cannabis research (1) and crowdsourced reviews. They also use muscle spasm sensors and EKG devices to analyze and validate cannabinoid-based therapies.

The company behind the app is PotBotics, a technology and software design company whose aim is to “elevate the medical industry to higher medical standards by streamlining the consumer cannabis process.” They have also developed Brainbot – a wireless electroencephalography helmet that allows GPs to analyze patients’ neural responses to cannabinoids – and NanoPot, a DNA reader that claims to help cannabis cultivators improve their growth programs.

Accessible via most electronic devices via mobile and desktop apps, patients can access this service anywhere. There are also dedicated instore kiosks in various states throughout the US.

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