Analyte at the Museum
08/08/2019 | Charlotte Barker
Join us for a behind-the-scenes tour of the Netherlands Institute for Conservation, Art and Science
An Eye on Mobility
Sitting Down With… Erin Baker, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, California, USA.
Booze, Barbarism and... Beeswax
08/12/2019 | Matthew Hallam
GC-MS analysis of ancient Celtic drinking vessels paints a colorful picture of life in BCE Europe.
Bronze Age Bartering
08/15/2019 | Jonathan James
Trace element and isotope analyses highlight metal trading practices in Bronze Age Scandinavia.
Selecting the right sample introduction system for complex matrices can be challenging!

Join The Analytical Scientist and Agilent Technologies to discover how new ICP sample introduction components simplify analysis of challenging sample matrices and ease the maintenance burden. Find out More.

Have you registered for our webinar with CDS expert Justin Holland yet?

Join Justin Holland, Senior Director of Analytics at Quotient Clinical Ltd, and discover the importance of selecting the right CDS, how to do that, and the features that helped Quotient satisfy the regulatory bodies and improve efficiency in the laboratory. Register here.

Application Notes
Better DLS Data with Less Time and Effort with Adaptive Correlation

Adaptive Correlation provides an improvement in the repeatability of DLS particle size measurements and the ability to measure primary particle sizes separately to the characterization of rare amounts of aggregated material. Read More.

Polymer Characterization Using Advanced Chromatography Detection

ACQUITY APC system used in conjunction with OMNISEC REVEAL multi-detector provides more information, more quickly and with less sample. Read More.

Product Profile
CALYPSO: Nitrogen Gas Generator for LC-MS

The CALYPSO is available without or with integrated oil-free air compressor using the Energy Saving Technology mode (EST). Read More.

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