Twitter has been booming with #blackinchem posts this week (including input from MC Hammer!) – and we love it.


Diversity is an issue in science. I’ve penned editorials discussing both the lack of Black representation amongst Nobel Prize winners and mistreatment of LGBT+ scientists in the past. Our Power List has also been lacking diversity in recent years. I’m on a mission to rectify that in 2020, with a List celebrating 10 leading minds from each major continent. Please do help us with this by nominating your peers from Africa, South America, Asia and Antarctica at the link “Around the World in 70 Analysts” below.

Matthew Hallam, Editor.

Around the World in 70 Analysts
05/22/2020 | Matthew Hallam
We're looking for 10 analysts from each continent for the Power List 2020 - who will you nominate?
Black Chemists Who Made History
06/25/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Exploring influential Black figures who shaped our field as we know it
Back to Cannabis Basics
Markus Roggen tells us about his mission to put solid science at the heart of cannabis analysis
Mending a Broken Heart
08/11/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Spectral mapping could help treat serious heart arrhythmia
Working with infrared microscopes?

Join us on August 20 for our webinar with Bruker exploring some of the recent innovations in infrared microscopy that enable unmatched research capabilities in this field. Find out more

Application Notes
Evolved Gas Analysis and Multi-step Pyrolysis of Mascara Using the Pyroprobe with GC/MS

This application note demonstrates evolved gas analysis and multi-step pyrolysis on two different mascaras. Distinct differences were seen at each temperature step, indicating contrasting formulations. Read more

Nanobubble Applications and Characterization Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Review of ultra-fine bubble (nanobubble) applications and characterization examples. Read more

Monitoring and Controlling the Electrode Particle Characteristics and Viscosity of Battery Slurries

The impact of electrode particle size and shape on battery slurry viscosity. Read more

Product Profile
BIP Technology is Changing the Way People Think about High Purity Gas

Most GC users know that carrier gas impurities can negatively impact their results, and the longevity of their column. However, simply choosing a high purity gas isn’t always enough to eliminate them. Read more

Special Promotions
Shining a Spotlight on Mass Spectrometry with SPOTLIGHTLIVE

Introducing SPOTLIGHTLIVE: a compilation of concise and informative presentations from leading figures in mass spectrometry. The aim? To share crucial research in this space, keeping our minds connected – despite our physical separation. Interested? Take a look…

The Power List 2020 - Around the world in 70 Analysts!

Nominations for The Analytical Scientist Power List 2020 are now OPEN! We’re celebrating analytical achievement across the four corners of the globe by featuring 10 leading researchers from each continent. Nominate today!

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