Jumping on the NMR Pulse Train
03/28/2019 | Ryan De Vooght-Johnson
A new polarization transfer technique promises improved sensitivity and rapid analysis times.
Photos in Focus
10/10/2018 | Joanna Cummings
Using synchrotron spectroscopy to work out the chemistry behind 200-year-old photographs.
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Multimodal molecular spectroscopy for medical diagnosis and therapy

Join The Analytical Scientist and Andor for a webinar exploring the increasing use of spectroscopic methods in biomedical research. The webinar will examine efforts to translate multimodal spectroscopic approaches into automated systems ready for clinical applications.

Application Notes
Recycling of fishing nets and other maritime lines FTIR-ATR analysis of net material from various Source in combination with EDX analysis
03/25/2019 | Contributed by Shimadzu
Maritime waste is not only the actual discussed micro particles. Maritime waste can be larger fragments pieces, lines, ropes or nets...
SEC Analysis of MAb Fragments with Increased Throughput and High Resolution
03/25/2019 | Contributed by YMC
This app note shows the analysis of intact MAb and digested fragments Fab dimer, Fc and Fab using the UHPLC compatible YMC-Pack Diol-200 column.
Better DLS data with less time and effort with adaptive correlation
07/26/2018 | Contributed by Malvern Panalytical
What is Adaptive Correlation?
Polymer characterization using advanced chromatography detection
07/26/2018 | Contributed by Malvern Panalytical
ACQUITY APC system used in conjunction with OMNISEC REVEAL multi-detector provides more information, more quickly and with less sample.
Product Profiles
Fully automated water conductivity testing safeguards compliance with USP

USP<645> describes conductivity as key parameter for measuring the purity of ultrapure water and water for injection. However, following the three stage test procedure defined by USP<645> can be a challenge, particularly if the testing is performed manually. A dedicated Metrohm system provides a fully automated solution to this challenge.

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WITec ParticleScout – New analysis tool for detection, classification and identification of microparticles

WITec’s ParticleScout is an analysis tool for the alpha300 Raman microscope series that surveys, categorizes, analyzes, quantifies and identifies particles over even large sample areas. Automated routines sort particles and acquire their Raman spectra, generating a report that provides a detailed overview of the sample.

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Current Trends in Liquid Chromatography

In preparation for an upcoming article series in The Analytical Scientist, we’d love to know about your analytical setup, as well as your views on the challenges you face in your lab. Your feedback will remain 100% anonymous and as a thank you your name will placed into a prize draw for one of five $50 Amazon Gift Cards; you may designate a charitable donation instead if you prefer.

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Food for Thought: Exploring the latest trends in food and beverage analysis

In this eBook, we walk you through some interesting problems – and solutions – with a focus on a few of our favorite things: beer, wine, and sugar.

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Better, Smarter GC

The Agilent Intuvo System is new system comprising capillary gas chromatographs, consumables and supplies. Based on numerous patented innovations designed to streamline GC, the Agilent Intuvo System greatly improves operational efficiency in the GC laboratory. Download our free eBook to find out how the Intuvo can boost the efficiency of your GC analyses.

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