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February Issue of The Analytical Scientist

As The Analytical Scientist celebrates its 10 year anniversary, four leading figures – Graham Cooks, Ruedi Aebersold, David Clemmer, and Jonathan Sweedler – discuss how far the field has come over the past 10 years, what lessons have been learned, which memories stand out, and where we go from here. In our In My View section, contributors look back on their issue 01 predictions: Caroline West discusses greener techniques in analytical science labs, and Barbara Bojko and Janusz Pawliszyn review whether SPME make it into the clinic over the past 10 years. Elsewhere, Ron Heeren, Peter Schoenmakers and Duncan Graham reflect on developments over the past decade in their respective fields of mass spec, chromatography, and spectroscopy. Finally, we sit down with “The Orbitrap Man,” Alexander Makarov, who talks us through his childhood as a young inventor, how it feels to be a superstar in the world of mass spec, and his ambitions for the Orbitrap analyzer.

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