Around the World in 70 Analysts
05/22/2020 | Matthew Hallam
We're looking for 10 analysts from each continent for the Power List 2020 - who will you nominate?
Clues from a Watery Grave
05/23/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Bone proteomics could help investigators get to the bottom of drowning deaths
Battle of the Bronze Age
05/27/2020 | Matthew Hallam
Unraveling encounters on bygone battlefields with fencing (and X-rays)
Trust, but Verify!
05/26/2020 | Pierre-Hugues Stefanuto
Open method sharing – through online repositories – could finally put an end to niggling issues of method irreproducibility
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High-throughput and data-independent analysis

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Application Notes
High resolution analysis of MAbs using YMC’s CEX column BioPro IEX SF

In this application note 4 therapeutic MAbs of different species, isotypes and pI together with their variants were analysed using pH and salt gradient mode using YMC’s non-porous BioPro IEX SF. Read more

Quantitative analysis of microplastics in bottled drinks

A poster describing the use of TD with GC-MS to analyse microplastic samples. It details the analysis of bottled beverages to measure the leaching of PET from the plastic bottle into the beverage. Read more

Gene Therapy Research Characterization Using DLS and Zeta Potential

Zeta potential measurements are being used to develop the most efficient formulations of liposomes, peptides, DNA complexes for transfection studies in vivo and in vitro. Read More.

Using the Power Law Model to Quantify Shear Thinning Behavior on a Rotational Rheometer

A material’s rheological properties not only influences its visual and textural perception, but also affects its processing capabilities. Read More.

Product Profile
Industry-standard-size sampling tubes

Industry-standard-size tubes (3½″ × ¼″ o.d.) are compatible with Markes, PerkinElmer, Shimadzu, Dani, CDS and Gerstel 3.5+ thermal desorption (TD) systems. Read More.

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The Power List 2020 - Around the world in 70 Analysts!

Nominations for The Analytical Scientist Power List 2020 are now OPEN! We’re celebrating analytical achievement across the four corners of the globe by featuring 10 leading researchers from each continent. Nominate today!

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