The Father of Foodomics
Sitting Down With… Alejandro Cifuentes, Laboratory of Foodomics, Institute of Food Science Research, Spanish National Research Council, Madrid, Spain.
Making Sense of Metabolite Mixtures
08/14/2019 | Justin J.J van der Hooft
Substructure analysis provides a means to decipher complex metabolic samples.
An Opioid Observatory
08/20/2019 | Matthew Hallam
In the Arizona city of Tempe, researchers are tracking drug use in real-time.
IEM Identification
08/29/2019 | Jonathan James
Combining metabolomics and DNA sequencing could be the key to discovering new inborn errors of metabolism in children.
Selecting the Right Sample Introduction System for Complex Matrices can be Challenging!

Join The Analytical Scientist and Agilent Technologies to discover how new ICP sample introduction components simplify analysis of challenging sample matrices and ease the maintenance burden. Find out More.

Learn to Master Karl Fischer Titration

The Analytical Scientist and Honeywell are hosting a webinar to explain why Karl Fischer Titration is the method of choice for measuring water content in all types of substances. Book your place to attend today!

Have you registered for our webinar with CDS expert Justin Holland yet?

Join Justin Holland, Senior Director of Analytics at Quotient Clinical Ltd, and discover the importance of selecting the right CDS, how to do that, and the features that helped Quotient satisfy the regulatory bodies and improve efficiency in the laboratory. Register here.

Application Notes
Analysis of Benzodiazepines and their Metabolites by UHPLC-MS/MS

A high-resolution UHPLC-MS/MS separation of etizolam, triazolam, and their metabolites in biological samples is presented using a YMC-Triart C18 column. The sample preparation is also explained. Read More.

Analysis of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides by SEC-MALS

Therapeutic oligonucleotides are produced through synthetic solid-phase chemical synthesis. Despite improvements, heterogeneity can appear. This can be monitored through SEC and UHPLC/MALS methods. Read More.

Analysis of S and CI in Waste Oil Using an Ag-anode X-ray Tube

Waste oil with high chlorine concentrations is hazardous and must be treated differently than other waste oils. Read More.

Analyzing Particle Size of Calcium Carbonates using Laser Diffraction

Laser diffraction is a widely used technique for the analysis of calcium carbonated due to its wide dynamic range, flexible dispersion options, speed of measurement and reproducibility of results. Read More.

Product Profiles
New Leak Detector Prevents Small Leaks from Causing Big Problems

Restek’s new unit can be operated during charging or used up to 12 hours between charges. It now comes with a flexible charging kit that includes a universal AC power adaptor and a USB charging cable. Read More.

Kromasil for your Chromatography

Kromasil columns and bulk material for NP, RP, chiral and SFC. Kromasil’s unique offering from drug research and discovery to API purification makes it the brand of choice for pharma and biotech applications. Read More.

Precision SL: the Smallest and Easiest to use Hydrogen Generator for GC-FID

Producing hydrogen gas at the push of a button, Precision SL is simple to operate and maintain. Featuring advanced fail-safe technology, Precision SL is the safer way of supplying hydrogen for GC-FID. Read More.

Sciencix HPLC Purge Valves

Reduce your product repair expenses by 30% by using our high-quality purge valves. Our purge valves are equivalent to the corresponding OEM parts. Keep your HPLC system performing at an optimal level! Read More.

CALYPSO: Nitrogen Gas Generator for LCMS

The CALYPSO is available without or with integrated oil free air compressor using the Energy Saving Technology mode (EST). Read More.

Special Promotion
SilcoTek and Shepard Industries create Bio-Inert HPLC Component Line

SilcoTek’s bio-inert Dursan coating and Shepard Analytical work together to create a line of super performance HPLC hardware. Try the line for sharper peaks, faster response time and more accurate results. Read More.

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