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Check out a selection of our recent food analysis content in this bespoke newsletter sponsored by Shimadzu. Below, find out how the FDA plays the role of detective, piecing together molecular clues to identify the criminals tampering with our food chains; Ernest Teye argues that not enough is being done to combat food fraud – the other pandemic – globally; Alejandro Cifuentes updates us on the latest foodomics research; and we also discover how scientists are developing new techniques to detect anabolic steroids found in adulterated foods. Enjoy!



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To ensure Food quality and consumer safety it is essential to have the right analytical tools to identify contaminants and meet the requirements of European legislation for harmful and toxic compounds. Shimadzu offers innovative solutions to address the challenges customers are facing in this field. Read more...

Piracy in the Pantry
09/04/2020 | Matt Hallam
Food adulteration puts public health – and lives – at risk. We spoke to the FDA to find out how they're protecting citizens.
Quick Update: Foodomics
07/01/2022 | James Strachan
Alejandro Cifuentes on how foodomics could lead to new ways of treating Alzheimer’s disease
Spotting the Bad Apples
03/23/2022 | James Strachan
To all honorable athletes out there, be careful where you source your supplements – they could be laced with anabolic steroids!
Tackling the Other Pandemic: Food Fraud
01/10/2022 | Ernest Teye
Is enough being done to combat food fraud in Africa?
App Notes
High Speed Analysis of Amino Acids in Food

This application highlights use of automated sample pretreatment in the simultaneous analysis of 20 proteinogenic amino acids by UHPLC, with fluorescence detection and pre-column derivatization. Read more...

Analysis of Aroma for Beverage Quality Control

This article describes GCMS analysis of aroma compounds in beer. The Smart Aroma DatabaseTM was used for evaluation of quality control samples. Read more...

Instrumental Analysis to Visualize Differences in Taste

This report describes the search for components that contribute to the sensation of flavor, to establish a process flow for scientifically indicating flavor characteristics in food development. Find out more...

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