Harold Monroe McNair (1933-2021)


On June 27th 2021, Harold McNair – a titan of gas chromatography – passed away. Harold was a beloved colleague and friend to many in the analytical chemistry field, not to mention a great communicator, mentor and teacher – there is no doubt he will be sorely missed. For our newsletter this week, we’d like to pay tribute to this outstanding figure of our community. Below is a selection of articles dedicated to Harold that have featured in our magazine through the years, including a touching tribute from some of his past students – Kevin Schug, Nicholas Snow, Vince Remcho, Chris Palmer and Lee Polite.

Weekly Spotlight

The accumulation of veterinary drugs in animal-derived foods is tightly regulated to protect consumers from over-exposure. As a gold standard for quantitative analysis, a triple quadrupole LC/MS workflow has been developed for the simultaneous analysis of 210 multi-class veterinary drugs in various animal-food matrices.


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Paying Tribute to “Doc”
09/16/2016 | Kevin Schug, Nicholas Snow, Vince Remcho, Chris Palmer, Lee Polite
A few of Harold McNair's past students reflect on his influence as a teacher and mentor.
Magnificent Mentors
11/09/2016 | Harold McNair
Harold McNair shares some of his favorite stories about several pioneers he has worked with.
Science in the Court!
07/04/2018 | Harold McNair, Kenyon Evans-Nguyen, William Thompson
We speak to a psychologist and a forensic mass spec expert about the challenges of putting analytical science ‘on trial’ – and get a fascinating real-life story of a very unusual court case...
Writing the Book on GC – and Living Life
11/09/2016 | Frank van Geel
Harold McNair, Professor Emeritus, Analytical Chemistry, Virginia Tech, Virginia, USA
Application Notes
UHPLC analysis of SARS-CoV-2 drugs Remdesivir and GS-441524 using YMC-Triart C18

Remdesivir and its active metabolite GS-441524 are antiviral drugs examined for the treatment of COVID-19. Their separation can be obtained in only 3 minutes using a YMC-Triart C18 UHPLC column. Read more

Extraction of a Comprehensive Steroid Panel from Human Serum (AN939)

Describes the extraction of steroid hormones from human serum using Biotage® Mikro ABN microelution plates prior to LC/MS-MS analysis – with very low elution volumes & enhanced workflow efficiency. Read more

Analysis of S and CI in Waste Oil Using an Ag-anode X-ray Tube

Waste oil with high chlorine concentrations is hazardous and must be treated differently than other waste oils. Read more

8 Reasons to Upgrade to Automated Imaging

Why automated image analysis is rapidly replacing manual microscopy for characterizing particle shape and how combining it with Raman spectroscopy adds chemical identification. Read more

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