Do you know the difference between robustness and ruggedness? Selectivity and specificity? 


This week, Victoria Samanidou kicks off our newsletter with her opinion piece exploring the importance of accurate terminology in analytical science. Following this, Zachary Pitliuk shares his thoughts on the vast potential of single cell analysis, and we unmask the “dark metabolites” in your glass of beer. Did any of these spark a debate in your lab? Let us know by tweeting us @tAnaSci!

Lauren Robertson, Deputy Editor

Do All Analytical Scientists Speak the Same Language?
03/23/2021 | Victoria Samanidou
Instrument or machine? It's time to address inaccurate terminology in our field
The Dark Metabolome in Your Glass
03/24/2021 | Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, Stefan Pieczonka
New knowledge of beer's dark metabolome provides a way to retrace the evolution of brewing – and civilization itself
The Vast Potential of Single-Cell Analysis
03/26/2021 | Zachary Pitluk
Single-cell genomics is already powerful, but what are the next steps? And how do we get there?
Gelling with MS-Based Diagnosis
03/27/2021 | Lauren Robertson
New gel electrophoresis method could enable rapid analysis of protein biomarkers in clinical specimens
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Application Notes
Mobile Air Quality VOC Monitoring with IONICON PTR-TOF QB Analyzers
Credit: M. Norman, SLB-analys

Track air pollution where and when it matters with the PTR-TOF QB. IONICON real-time VOC monitors are frequently operated in mobile labs, contributing to local air quality networks and public safety. Read more

Advanced Polymer Chromatography to Evaluate Degradation of Drug Delivery Polymers

Combination of Waters ACQUITY APC and OMNISEC REVEAL. Read more

8 Reasons to Upgrade to Automated Imaging

Why automated image analysis is rapidly replacing manual microscopy for characterizing particle shape and how combining it with Raman spectroscopy adds chemical identification. Read more

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