Happy New Year, everybody!

We wanted to start 2021 on a positive note. And what better way to spread positivity than by sharing articles that give us hope for our future? The first is a (very pun-heavy) editorial from myself, discussing analytical innovation in the face of COVID-19. Also included: articles reporting movement towards racial and gender-based equity in chemistry, and a piece about the COVID-19 MS Coalition from Perdita Barran. Here’s to a good year ahead. All the best! Matthew, Editor.

Full Steam Ahead!
12/18/2020 | Matthew Hallam
Celebrating analytical commitment in a turbulent 2020
A Network for Progress
11/11/2020 | Lauren Robertson
The co-founders of the Coalition of Black Mass Spectrometrists (CBM) tell us how they've provided a much-needed space for discussion around racism
Kickstarting Publishing Parity
07/22/2020 | Emma Wilson
Women face many obstacles in the worlds of academia and publishing – and it’s time that changed
A COVID Coalition for the Masses
07/08/2020 | Perdita Barran
The COVID-19 MS Coalition brings together analytical scientists from across the globe to fight the pandemic
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Application Notes
Uncovering hidden compositional changes in breath profiles

Using TD–GC×GC–TOF MS for exploratory profiling of biomarkers in breath. Coupled with innovative data mining tools to uncover hidden compositional changes using automated untargeted workflows. Read more

Polymer characterization using advanced chromatography detection

ACQUITY APC system used in conjunction with OMNISEC REVEAL multi-detector provides more information, more quickly and with less sample. Read more

Advanced Polymer Chromatography to Evaluate Degradation of Drug Delivery Polymers

Combination of Waters ACQUITY APC and OMNISEC REVEAL. Read more

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