Pittcon will be back to its full glory for Atlanta 2022, but just what makes this conference so special?

In our latest feature, we spoke to key members of Pittcon’s organizing committee to find out more about its philanthropic mission - over 90 percent of net profit goes to funding education and outreach, didn't you know? Below, we take a deep dive into just what makes the Pittsburgh Conference so appealing, the lessons learned along the way and the future of the event. You can also read team TAS’ joint editorial for September, and learn about the science behind (potentially) the oldest stained glass window in the world. Enjoy! Lauren Robertson, Deputy Editor.

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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ QC instruments were designed for bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing—from cleanroom production through final product testing and ALCOA-compliant data management for streamlined reporting and audits.

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Why Pittcon Stands for Philanthropy and Collaborative Science
09/02/2021 | Lauren Robertson, Frank van Geel
What makes Pittcon different? And what lies in its future? We spoke with its organizing committee to find out.
Positively Medieval
09/08/2021 | James Strachan
Portable X-ray fluorescence suggests a group of windows from Canterbury Cathedral may be the oldest stained glass windows in England
The Hidden "Me" in Team
09/10/2021 | Rich Whitworth, James Strachan, Frank van Geel, Lauren Robertson
As we prepare to celebrate 100 issues of The Analytical Scientist, we recognize that we couldn’t have done it without you. “Me?” you ask. Yes, you.
Public Service Spectroscopy
08/20/2021 | James Strachan
We Sit Down With Ramon Barnes, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, USA
Explore the Benefits of a Multi-function Thermal Injection System for Gas Chromatography

Join The Analytical Scientist and CDS Analytical on October 12 to discover the advantages of a versatile GC sample introduction approach and learn about a new thermal sample introduction instrument to assist with polymer screening in under ten minutes. Find out more

The Extreme HPLC Technology Forum

Join our four technology providers in The Extreme HPLC Technology Forum as they share innovation updates, explore applications, offer words of wisdom, and help solve your (extreme) analytical challenges. Find out more

Measuring AAV Quality Attributes with Light Scattering

Join The Analytical Scientist and Wyatt Technology on October 19 to discover how SEC-MALS provides a fast, sensitive and robust analysis of multiple AAV critical quality attributes with a low investment of labor or reagents. Find out more

Application Notes
EPA Method 537.1: Determination of Selected PFAS in Drinking Water

This application note outlines analysis of selected per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances in drinking water using Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry according to EPA 537.1. Read more

Confident profiling of controlled substances using GC–TOF MS

This study describes the use of GC–TOF MS for comprehensive profiling of seized drug samples, for confident identification of controlled substances, as well as adulterants and cutting agents. Read more

Nanobubble Applications and Characterization Using Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis

Review of ultra-fine bubble (nanobubble) applications and characterization examples. Read more

Monitoring and Controlling the Electrode Particle Characteristics and Viscosity of Battery Slurries

The impact of electrode particle size and shape on battery slurry viscosity. Read more

Product Profile
Multi-Gas -xr series of thermal desorbers for GC–MS

A powerful leap in analytical technology – and a world’s first for TD instruments – Markes’ Multi-Gas enabled thermal desorbers can operate with three carrier gases – helium, nitrogen & hydrogen. Learn more

Events to Watch Out for in 2021

We work with event organizers from all around the world to help bring the analytical science community together, from large congresses to intimate meetings that fit around a table. Discover some of the events that we partner with and and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

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