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See what our experts had to say about adapting approaches to cannabis testing in a rapidly evolving market in our leading article. Also, what smells are crucial to canine cuisine? GC-MS may have an answer… Plus, we’ve included two quick reads on a new, non-destructive technique for lipid membrane analysis and the study of interstellar clouds.

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Ask the Experts: What’s Next for Cannabis Analysis?
How rapid product innovation and evolving regulation are changing the testing industry
A Dog's Dinner
10/05/2020 | Matt Hallam
What makes your dog's dinner so desirable? GC-MS has an answer.
Close to the Edge
10/12/2020 | Lauren Robertson
A new single-molecule microscopy technique lets researchers see lipid membranes in unique detail
Deep Sea Supernovae
10/13/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Researchers have found evidence of ancient star explosions in deep-sea sediments
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Application Notes
HRAM LC-MS method for the determination of nitrosamine impurities in drugs

Detection and quantification of nine nitrosamines below the FDA regulatory guidelines for daily intake levels using HRAM LC-MS & 21 CFR 11 compliant software. Read more

Enhanced fragrance profiling of shampoo

Read this application note, which details the analysis of a wide range of compounds in a fragranced shampoo sample using immersive high-capacity sorptive extraction with GC–MS. Read more

Evolved Gas Analysis and Multi-step Pyrolysis of Tea Bag with GC/MS

This application note demonstrates Evolved Gas Analysis and Multi-step Pyrolysis with GC/MS on two different tea bag samples. The results are showing that premium tea bags are not plastic free. Read more

Crystalline phase analysis of lithium ion battery electrode materials

XRD instruments can be used to analyze crystalline phase of battery electrode materials to measure important parameters like crystalline phase composition, crystallite size and degree of graphitization. Read more

Monitoring and Controlling the Electrode Particle Characteristics and Viscosity of Battery Slurries

The impact of electrode particle size and shape on battery slurry viscosity. Read more

Product Profiles
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Simplify LC Method Migration with Pro EZLC Method Translator

Pro EZLC method translation software makes it quick and easy to scale down an existing LC method to a smaller column format so you can speed up run time, increase sample throughput, and reduce solvent use. Read more

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