Hello all. For this week’s Spectroscopist newsletter we’ve chosen to highlight some short-yet-sweet stories on the research happening in spectroscopy right now. The first two highlight the technique’s role as a guiding light (get it?) in exploring mysterious unknowns, while the latter two showcase the method’s utility in medical care. I hope you enjoy the read(s), and I also hope you’re all staying safe in these troubling times.

Wishing you all the best, Matthew Hallam, Editor

Search for the Unknown
08/29/2020 | Lauren Robertson
A new NMR spectroscopy system could help researchers get to grips with the metabolome
Methane on Mars?
08/17/2020 | Lauren Robertson
The ESA’s ExoMars mission finds new gas signatures on the Red Planet
Raman on the Brain
08/26/2020 | Lauren Robertson
An enhanced spectroscopic approach could be the answer to Alzheimer’s biomarker detection
Mending a Broken Heart
08/11/2020 | Lauren Robertson
Spectral mapping could help treat serious heart arrhythmia
Elevate your quantitative and qualitative LC-MS pesticide analysis

Discover how you can improve sample throughput and have increased confidence in your quantitation and identification of pesticide residues in food by joining our webinar with Thermo Fisher Scientific on September 30. Find out more

Protein Footprinting Applications in Structural Biology

Join our webinar with NeoProteomics and GenNext Technologies on October 14 to discover the value of protein footprinting in biopharmaceutical research. Find out more

Application Notes
Large-scale screening and quantitation of pesticide residues in milk

This application note offers a total solution for the trace-level quantification of 155 pesticide residues in milk by using a Thermo Scientific™ GC-EI-MS/MS system. Read more

Advanced Electron Ionization GC-MS/MS technology for nitrosamines in drinking water

Deep dive into unparalleled performance technology solutions for the ultra-trace analysis of nitrosamines in drinking water at low concentrations from 17 drinking water testing facilities across Europe. Read more

Multi-residue pesticide screening in cereals using GC-Orbitrap mass spectrometry

Explore the performance of the Thermo Scientific™ Exactive™ GC Orbitrap™ mass spectrometer for the routine analysis of GC-amenable pesticides in cereals (wheat, barley, oat, rye and rice). Read more

Get of burdens - High Efficiency in UV-Vis Analysis

The huge amount of manual work becomes a burden when 100’s of UV-Vis samples needs to be measured. LabSolutions UV-Vis offers an automatic analysis function that simplifies this time-consuming work. Read more

Determining Total Organic Fluorine in Wastewater and Process Water Samples

The new Profiler-F Total Fluorine Analyzer enables the determination of TOF in wastewater and industrial process water with simultaneous total and free fluorine quantification, providing a better overall picture of PFAS impact. Read more

High-quality in operando x-ray diffraction analysis of pouch bag lithium-ion batteries

Pouch cell batteries can be used in combination with hard X-rays in transmission geometry to perform in situ and in operando studies during charge/discharge cycles and for aging studies. Read more

Crystalline phase analysis of lithium ion battery electrode materials

XRD instruments can be used to analyze crystalline phase of battery electrode materials to measure important parameters like crystalline phase composition, crystallite size and degree of graphitization. Read more

Product Profile
WITec alpha300 apyron – Fully Automated Raman Imaging Microscope

The alpha300 apyron can self-align and self-calibrate for speed and consistency. Its AutoBeam components offer new optical capabilities, enhanced configurability and remote operation, even from home. Read more

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Why Wait? Get real-time, biophysical characterization with the Culpeo Liquid Analyzer

The Culpeo QCL-IR Liquid Analyzer works seamlessly with a broad array of commercially available liquid chromatography systems, enabling time-resolved mid-IR spectroscopic measurements of both fractionated and non-fractionated fluids. Find out more

Events to Watch Out for in 2020

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