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The Innovators 2023

Browser-Based, Multi-Technique Software

The Spectrus JS portfolio of applications brings you xC/UV/MS and NMR data processing, reporting, access, and databasing from anywhere

Sponsored by ACD/Labs

The Spectrus JS family of applications are the first browser-based software for multiple analytical techniques with native support for many instrument data formats. For scientists, this means that the tools they have relied on for decades to extract confident answers from analytical data are now accessible from any device.

Scientists want to access and work with data away from the instrument and without being tied to a location or device; IT teams seek lower maintenance software with ease of deployment, support, and scalability. Browser-based applications meet the needs of both. But such software has been limited to simple, single-technique or vendor applications at best – until now!

  • Process and interpret LC/UV/MS, GC/MS, and NMR data in one application
  • Import data from varied vendor formats
  • Predict NMR spectra and use them to verify structures
  • Build dynamic reports
  • Store spectra and chromatograms with chemical context (attach structures, meta data, etc.)
  • Find data easily with chemically intelligent search parameters

Ask The Expert

Richard Lee, Director of Core Technology, ACD/Labs

What big challenge is driving innovation in the field?

Data accessibility in the pharmaceutical industry poses challenges for both lab scientists and data scientists – with each requiring different points of data access. Chemists in the lab need data on demand, just as it has been acquired or legacy data with a rich interface to view and integrate the data. But accessibility issues arise that include proprietary data formats and isolated data silos. Data scientists, on the other hand, require different access points to use data for deep learning/machine learning purposes. They need tools to abstract required data and engineer that data in a suitable format while also contending with data consistency – which includes non-standardized data and conflicting ontologies.

Practically speaking, how is this challenge impacting users?

Scientists in the lab face significant efficiency challenges as they struggle with various informatics systems to access data they require. Historical or legacy data, which can offer insights and critical information, isn’t readily accessible. Lab scientists spend a substantial amount of their time querying for data and finding the compatible informatics application to suitably visualize the data. For data scientists, data standardization or unification is the main culprit in data challenges. They spend a considerable amount of effort to ensure the metadata is consistent and normalized before they can use it for further downstream applications.

How can innovation address some of the big challenges facing the field in 2023?

 Data standardization and machine learning initiatives are central challenges in chemical informatics. Innovative software such as Spectrus JS can harmonize disparate data formats, making data more accessible and facilitating cross-platform collaborations. Spectrus JS allows for data to be accessible by scientists regardless of location through the browser, but importantly, also enables machines to access data for downstream use. Machine learning algorithms, optimized to work with these standardized datasets, can then provide insights not readily extracted by human review.

Discover The Varius™ Spectrometer

When versatility meets precision

Sponsored by Avantes

Step into the future of spectroscopy with the VariusTM Spectrometer, an innovation that redefines precision. Its advanced optical design ensures unparalleled sensitivity and resolution across a wide spectral range: from 190 to 1100 nm.

What distinguishes the VariusTM is its versatility. Whether you’re exploring biological molecules, nanomaterials, or monitoring environmental pollutants, its modular design effortlessly adapts to various sampling accessories. Enjoy seamless connectivity and data management through intuitive software, simplifying integration into your laboratory setup – empowering researchers, scientists, and educators to push the boundaries of knowledge. The VariusTM offers superior signal-to-noise ratios, minimal stray light (0.1 - 1 percent), and integration times ranging from 9 μs to 30 seconds. It connects seamlessly via USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, delivering lightning-fast data transfer speeds.

Compact and sleek, weighing just 1,068 grams, it seamlessly fits into your lab setup.

Experience spectroscopy redefined with the VariusTM Spectrometer – where versatility meets precision. Discover the VariusTM and empower your research or application today!

Meet Avantes

Your partner in empowering spectroscopy solutions

With almost three decades of experience in fiber-optic spectroscopy instruments and systems, Avantes excels in tailoring spectrometer configurations to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We focus on innovation, with a mission to provide high-quality, customer-oriented optical instruments and solutions.

Our vision extends beyond the lab, aiming to enrich lives and preserve the environment. Avantes instruments and accessories aren’t just tools – they’re solutions used globally across various industries. We empower researchers, scientists, and visionaries with cutting-edge spectroscopy technology that transforms how we understand and explore the world.

Our semi-automated manufacturing process is another differentiator – enhancing precision and efficiency while enabling scalable production and exceptional interinstrument reproducibility. This approach caters to customers ordering large volumes, ensuring our unwavering commitment to outstanding product performance.

Choose Avantes, and join us in shaping the future of analytical science, where precision and innovation meet to illuminate the unknown. Together, we drive discoveries that make a difference.

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