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What’s happening on Day 4 of ASMS?

Native MS has become essential in membrane protein structural biology and viral assembly analysis – and arguably should be present in all biochemistry labs. But what is preventing more researchers from “going native?” 

If you too are wondering the same question, the Vice President of ASMS, Joseph Loo revealed his answer in a recent article; the high price tags, tricky sample prep, and a lack of automation are to blame. 

His advice? “Talk to the experts. Visit their labs and watch them perform a native MS measurement. It’s hard to replace seeing an experiment performed in person [...] Attending mass spec conferences that include native MS talks – for example, the ASMS meeting are also highly beneficial. Students can also find summer classes on mass spec that involve native MS. Simply approach an expert and put your questions forward. They won’t bite (at least most of them won’t, I think).”

Today is your lucky day! There is a dedicated session on native MS that you can attend from 8:30 am in Room 303ABCD (Level 3). So, go native… and beyond – chat with the experts!

The opportunities to connect don’t stop here; make sure you attend the networking sessions taking place at Hall D from 1 pm. And while you’re in a chatty mood, drop by booth #320 and talk to the The Analytical Scientist team too! 

See you at the show!

Today’s Must See

10:10–10:30 pm (Room 207ABC/ Level 2): Cerebrospinal fluid proteomics in a multiomic Alzheimer’s disease study: emerging insights from a 500-person cohort (Karl Makepeace)

Here, Karl Makepeace will be discussing his findings on Alzheimer’s disease – based on a multi omic approach to characterize cerebrospinal fluid. What makes this study so unique? Makepeace’s team have expanded their research to include a larger and bigger cohort of underrepresented patients suffering from AD – focusing on Caribbean Hispanics. 

“Excluding minority groups from Alzheimer’s research is not only a disservice to them, but to the entire population, because it means we do not have a complete understanding of the disease. If we want to get serious about finding a cure for AD, we need to ensure we’re including representative samples in our clinical studies,” highlighted Renã Robinson in 2021. 

2:30–2:50 pm (Room 303ABCD /Level 3): Celebrating Dr. Richard D. Smith’s Lifelong Efforts Toward Advancing High Performance Mass Spectrometry (Joseph Loo)

He's done it all and he is on track to publish his 2000th paper in the not too distant future. Dick Smith’s career is decorated with many achievements in the field of mass spec – including the development of the electrodynamic ion funnel and the structures for lossless ion manipulations (SLIM) platform. In this presentation, Joseph Loo will be paying homage to Smith’s dedication and significant contributions to the field of mass spectrometry and -omics research. 

2:30–4:30 pm (Room 304CD/ Level 3): Environmental: Non-Target Analysis and Emerging Contaminants – In Memory of Ron Hites (Chaired by John Bowden)

What persistent organic compounds are in the environment? What are their sources? What happens to them in the environment and how do they affect human health? In this session honoring a “simple country chemist,” Christin Fischer, Amina Souihi, Rachel Smolinski, Lee Ferguson and Sheng Liu will aim to answer the questions about the threat of emerging contaminants – with their mass-spec based detection approaches for wastewater sampling, blood analysis and more.

Tomorrow’s Planner

8:30–10:30 am (Ballroom AB/ Level 3): Artificial Intelligence in MS Instrumentation and Applications

9:50–10:10 pm (Ballroom DE/ Level 3): A new adaptation of the Omnitrap platform integrated into a trapped ion mobility time-of-flight mass spectrometer (Dimitris Papanastasiou)

3:10–3:30 pm (Room 304CD/ Level 3): Breaking Through PFAS Characterization Barriers with High-Resolution Ion Mobility (Mark Strynar)

4:45–5:30 pm (Hall C/ Lobby Level): The Crazy Thing That Happens When Science & Magic Collide (Parag Mallick)

Thought of the Day

“I believe the most important quality is to be open to the ideas of others and work in teams to solve complex problems. The challenges in the world right now need contributions from so many people – a single person cannot make a dent. However, by listening to the opinions of others and working as a collaborative, diverse team, you can greatly expand on your ideas and truly move mountains,” said Erin Baker.

And that may be why environmental analysis experts – Kevin Parker, Jessica Hoskins, Jingyue Yang and Erin Baker – are gathering together to discuss the current challenges in the detection and monitoring of human carcinogens with MS. The workshop and open Q&A session is taking place this evening from 5:45–7 pm (Room 304CD/ Level 3).


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