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Transforming proteomics with artificial intelligence

We aid mass spectrometry with artificial intelligence by providing cutting-edge software and data analysis services for proteomics

MSAID, a Technical University of Munich spin-off based in Garching, Germany, aims to improve computational solutions for proteomics with AI-based algorithms – led by an interdisciplinary team with extensive experience in proteomic data acquisition, analysis, and interpretation. MSAID adopts a client-centric approach to bioinformatics by offering software development, consulting, and customized implementation to meet the specific needs of each client. By offering smarter and more reliable solutions for proteomic data, MSAID helps clients advance their research.

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CHIMERYS® by MSAID is an intelligent search algorithm for proteomics that provides deeper insight into proteomic data. CHIMERYS routinely doubles the peptide identification from bottom-up DDA datasets. CHIMERYS is integrated into Thermo Scientific™ Proteome Discoverer™ software. Request a free demo though our CHIMERYS demo page and try our intelligent algorithm on your data.

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CHIMERYS 2.0: A unifying approach to proteomic data analysis

At last year’s ASMS, Martin Frejno, CEO of MSAID GmbH, presented a vision for CHIMERYS®, an AI-based leap forward in proteomic peptide identification. Starting from summer 2023, CHIMERYS, can unify the analysis of data-dependent (DDA), data independent (DIA), or targeted acquisition (PRM), using a single, unifying, peptide-centric approach. Learn more about the upcoming CHIMERYS release here.

Download the CHIMERYS & INFERS Rescoring Brochure here

INFERYS® Rescoring is a Proteome Discoverer™ software workflow that utilizes the Sequest™ HT search engine and the INFERYS® deep learning platform for the prediction of peptide properties to provide deeper proteomic data analysis. CHIMERYS® is an artificial intelligence-driven search algorithm for bottom-up proteomics data analysis, doubling the identification rate and number of peptide identifications compared to Sequest™ HT.

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MSAID in portrait, with Wiley

Wiley published a profile of MSAID – founded by an interdisciplinary team of scientists on a mission to replace currently used algorithms with powerful, AI-based software solutions, enabling a more intelligent, comprehensive, and reliable analysis of proteomics data. Click below to find out more about the company’s origins, approach to optimizing protein analysis, and data analysis and consulting services.

Read the full publication here

Poster Presentation at US HUPO 2023

MSAID’s approach to tandem mass spectrometry peptide analysis unifies proteomics data by deconvoluting chimeric spectra – boosting peptide identification in DDA, DIA, and PRM methods. It solves the challenge of controlling for multiple peptide contributions to fragment ion intensity, making it applicable to any acquisition method in mass spectrometry-based proteomics data. MSAID’s prediction? A bright future for ML-based applications in proteomics.

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Press Releases

MSAID announces collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific for the development and commercialization of deep learning tools for proteomics:
Learn more

Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Collaboration to Provide Access to Deep Learning Tools for Discovery and Targeted Proteomics:
Download here

Innovative Approach Redefines Data Analysis in Proteomics Research:
Download here

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