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Techniques & Tools

Good Vibrations

| Michael Schubert |

Microelectromechanical resonators could help detect biomarkers in small sample volumes

Techniques & Tools

The Magnificent Tens


The Power List 2017: the 10 Top 10 scientists in separations, mass spec, pharma and more…

Techniques & Tools

Battling the Backlog

| Sarah Lum and Charlie Clark |

Meet the scientists developing new analytica approaches to help clear the rape kit backlog

Techniques & Tools

Upping the (Analytical) Ante

| Vincent Remcho and Patricia Valian Reser |

Vincent Remcho shares personal highlights of "Riva in Texas" – and his new consumables concept

Techniques & Tools

Future Separations: Redux

| Rich Whitworth |

Has separation technology really become “smaller, faster, smarter” ?

Techniques & Tools

MSB: Small Scale, Big Impact


MSB 2017 highlights cutting-edge research at the frontier of microscale separation science

Business & Education

Sizing Dairy Emulsions for Optimal Performance


Laser diffraction and dynamic light scattering enable the identification of an optimal particle size distribution for dairy emulsions to support the cost-effective manufacture of high quality products.

Business & Education

Combined DLS/Raman provides New Molecular Insights of Complex Fluids


In particular, this article demonstrates the correlation between molecular changes (Raman Spectroscopy) and microstructural evolution of rheological properties (DLS, DLS-optical microrheology) for the first time for surfactant-based wormlike micellar system. Whereby, Raman Spectroscopy provides information about the molecular structure and DLS-microrheology characterizes viscoelastic properties, the combination of data delivered allows for a deeper understanding of the molecular changes underlying the viscoelastic ones. The study illustrates the utility of the combined DLS, DLS-optical microrheology and Raman Spectroscopy in providing new molecular structural insights into the self-assembly process in complex fluids.

Business & Education

Dairy and Food Emulsions measurement


The particle size of the fat droplets present in dairy and other food emulsions is important in defining properties such as flavor release, mouth feel and emulsion stability. Thus, a knowledge of the particle size is critical in defining the functionality and taste of different food emulsion products. Here we show how laser diffraction can be used to measure and understand the changes in size that occur during production and storage of dairy products. This in turn can lead to a better understanding of how product formulation and performance are linked.

Techniques & Tools

Awe & Wonder

| Rich Whitworth, | Joanna Cummings |

Marvel at multi-colored lasers, super-cold condensates and DNA origami.

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