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Fields & Applications Clinical

The Backbone of Diagnostics

| Luisa Torsi | 3 min read

Why analytical chemistry, multidisciplinary collaboration, and biosensing technology are all crucial for advanced research

Techniques & Tools Liquid Chromatography

Impactful Separations in Denver

| Markella Loi | 5 min read

Find out what’s happening at HPLC 2024 with our top selections from the program…

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

What’s New in Spectroscopy?

| Markella Loi | 3 min read

We present this month’s top spectroscopy stories: a new microcomb laser device; investigating the gut microbiome of MDD patients; and more…

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry


| Markella Loi | 6 min read

Dorrestein Lab’s new MS search engine excels in microbial metabolomics, poised to grow stronger with community input.

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

Light Fantastic

| Jessica Allerton | 2 min read

Raman spectroscopy for esophagus cancer diagnosis

Techniques & Tools Sensors

Dialing in Personalized Medicine

| Markella Loi

Researchers repurpose a smartphone compass to create an accessible and cheap platform for liquid analyte monitoring

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

This Week’s Mass Spec News

| James Strachan | 3 min read

The week in mass spec: K9-MS “sniffs” VOCs; “paradigm shift for ultra-fast biomarker screening”; and Mass Spec in the New York Times

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spec Down Under – Part 2: with Michelle Colgrave

| James Strachan | 5 min read

Michelle Colgrave applies proteomics in agriculture and food science for human health benefits, excited for her Melbourne return at IMSC 2024.

Techniques & Tools Spectroscopy

What’s New in Spectroscopy?

| Markella Loi | 3 min read

A new miniaturized Raman spectroscopy sensor for biomedical research; engineering a 3D nanocluster hydrogel for microplastic monitoring; and more…

Techniques & Tools Mass Spectrometry

A Postcard From Anaheim

| Markella Loi | 4 min read

Read all our research highlights from ASMS 2024 in our digital postcard, dedicated to… you!

Latest Application Notes

Getting a complex carotenoid mixture separated

| Contributed by YMC

Choosing a Portable Raman Spectrometer

| Contributed by Wasatch Photonics

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